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become a personal trainer
Updated 11/21/14

Become a Personal Trainer

ACE Personal Training Prep Course

If you are passionate about pursuing a career in health and fitness, a personal training certification is a great step towards meeting that goal. As a personal trainer, you serve as a coach, mentor, confidant and motivator, and have a significant impact on the lives of your clients.

Our ACE Personal Training Prep Course is an intensive 10-week course that will prepare you to become a nationally certified personal trainer.  The course will provide extensive training on essential fitness subjects, including anatomy and exercise physiology, fitness assessment, program design, special populations, liability and risk management, and communication.  This course also serves as a prerequisite for working as a personal trainer at Rec Sports, if you do not currently hold a national certification. 

Course Information

The course is offered every Fall Semester. 

Course Instruction is free; however, you are required to purchase ACE Personal Training Essentials and ACE Personal Training Manual 5th edition prior to the first day of class.

This course requires a substantial time commitment from all participants, equivalent to a three credit academic class.  Participants are advised to be mindful of other commitments when registering for the course.

You must attend 90% of the class or more to be eligible for an exam discount and potential employment

Personal Trainer Employment Requirements

1. Attend and complete at least 90% of classes and assigned homework

2. Attend mandatory interviews

3. Show proof of certification

4. Attend two group fitness classes and two learn to play classes during the semester

5. Shadow two Rec Sports personal training sessions