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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 1/21/14

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each class last?

Each Learn to Play Away class will be one hour in length unless otherwise specified.

Can my class take place anywhere in the Lafayette area?

Unfortunately, no.  All Learn to Play Away classes must be held on the Purdue campus.

I’m the leader of a Purdue-based organization and we are interested in requesting a Learn to Play Away class; however, we have an off campus meeting location, since we are still affiliated with Purdue, can we still request to have a class?

You can still request a class, but even if the request is associated with a Purdue organization, it is still required for the group to have a location on campus in order for us to fulfill your request. 

Will my group be provided with equipment?

The Learn to Play Away program is not able to provide equipment. However, participants in your group are strongly encouraged to bring their own. For example, it is always a good idea to bring a yoga mat for classes such as Yoga, Pilates, or PiYo. If your participants do not have access to a yoga mat, a beach towel or blanket can be easily substituted.

Is it possible to request multiple classes at one time?

Absolutely! If you request multiple classes the cost is only $55.00/class. However, if only one class is requested, the cost will be $65.00/class.

Is there a minimum number of participants required to hold a class?

No, we do not have a set minimum number of participants required to hold a class. However, if you have low or zero attendance, we cannot reschedule or make-up the class at a later date.

Is there a maximum number of participants allowed to attend a class?

No, we do not have a set maximum number of participants allowed to attend. However, for safety reasons, we are required to have one instructor for every 50 people. For example, if you have 200 people in your group, you will be required to have four instructors present at your event.

How big of a space do I need to reserve for my class?

Your space must be large enough to accommodate the number of participants in your class. A good rule of thumb is 36 square feet of exercise space per person.  In other words, each person in your class should have enough space to fit two yoga mats.