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Updated 3/14/14

certifications & continuing ed

PiYo Instructor Certification

Date: Saturday, April 19
Time: 8am-5pm
Location: France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center, MP1 (West Lafayette, IN)

Who this is for:

It's time to flex your teaching muscles. Become a PiYo Strength® Instructor! You've worked hard to perfect your flowing movements. Now, spread the strength and teach! No ifs, ands, or ommms—you're ready to teach PiYo! This training is for those individuals who would like to attend a full day training, which includes a practical and written examination. Graduates will be able to purchase pre-choreographed classes and will be eligible to teach this trademarked format as an instructor.

What you will learn:​​

  1. Correct form & technique
  2. Tips, tricks & tools on how to lead others effectively
  3. How to create a party atmosphere to keep students coming back for more!

Is there a test involved?

Yes. You will have to take a written and a practical test ​

What comes with the certification?​

  1. Everything you need to teach your first PiYo™ Strength class:  a CD, choreography DVD and choreography notes
  2. The ability to purchase previous and future PiYo™ Strength classes. Including a CD, choreography DVD and choreography notes
  3. Receive a Record of Completion valid for 2 years that verifies your ability to teach
  4. 0.7 ACE and 7.75 AFAA Continuing Education Units/Credits​

Can I teach for Purdue Rec Sports once I’m certified?

Becoming a group fitness instructor is a life-changing career that carries both privileges and responsibilities. To teach for Purdue Rec Sports, we prefer our instructors to obtain foundational group fitness instructor education and/or certification, before obtaining a specialty certification such as INSANITY.  Therefore,  each spring semester Purdue Rec Sports offers a Group Fitness Instructor Course, free of charge to selected applicants.  This twelve-week intensive program provides in-class theory and hands-on practical training to prepare you to teach every non-specialty class on our Group X schedule.  Upon graduation, Instructors will complete a semester-long mentorship program the following fall semester.