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Updated 9/12/12

What are Club Sports?

Take your sport to a place of excellence in motion. Whether you're new to a sport or you've loved it for years, we invite you to hone your skills, to compete alongside dedicated friends, and to have the time of your life! Welcome to the next level. Welcome to the world of Club Sports.

The Club Sports Program offers a unique blend of team and individual sports with intercollegiate opportunities for club members. Each club receives professional guidance, facility usage, and some financial support. Club members help with their own expenses through payment of individual semester and/or annual dues, fundraising projects, and special assessments.


Most clubs have a callout at the start of each semester. Individuals should attend the callouts for those clubs that interest them to learn how to get involved. For information, call the Club Sports Office, 765.494.3118.

To participate in a club sport, full-time students, faculty, and staff members must meet membership requirements set by the club and the Division of Recreational Sports. In addition, if the club conducts practices or schedules contests in the France A Córdova Recreational Sports Center, faculty and staff members must pay a daily admittance fee or have a valid recreational facilities fee card. Swim tests are required of members of the Outing, Crew, Sailing, Triathlon, and Water Polo clubs.

"If there's a sport you love, you gotta try club sports. I'm involved in fencing and I never had so much fun. We get serious competition and I've made some great friends."

-Fencing Club Member