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Important Dates & Deadlines
Updated 7/30/13

Important Dates & Deadlines

Paperwork Deadlines

Fall Semester Schedule of Events 9/6/13
SAO BoilerLink Registration 9/6/13
Certified Member Certification Cards 9/13/13
Proposed Budget 9/13/13
Excellence & Development Funding Request 10/23/13
Spring 2014 Practice/Callout Request 11/8/13
Fall End of Semester Report 12/6/13
Fall Treasurer Report 12/6/13
Spring Semester Schedule of Events 1/24/14
SAO BoilerLink Registration 1/24/14
Fall 2014 Practice/Callout Request 4/4/14
Spring End of Semester Report 4/25/14
Spring Treasurer Report 4/25/14
Officer Election Report 4/25/14

Officer Meetings

Meetings are mandatory! Failure to attend will result in disciplinary action. Presidents may send an alternate representative to the Monthly Officer Meetings, but all officers are required to attend Full Officer Sessions.  
Full Officer Training - Group 1 8/24/13 1:00-2:30 PM STEW 214A
Aikido, Badminton, Cricket, Fencing, Ice Hockey, Karate, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer
Full Officer Training - Group 2 8/24/13  3:00-4:30 PM  STEW 214A 
Archery, Kendo, Men’s Lax, Women’s Lax, Trap & Skeet, Men’s Ultimate, Women’s Ultimate
Full Officer Training - Group 3  8/25/13  12:30-2:00 PM STEW 218A 
Outing, Men’s Rugby, Women’s Rugby, Running, Taekwondo, Men’s Volleyball, Women’s Volleyball
Full Officer Training - Group 4 8/25/13 2:30-4:00 PM STEW 218A
Gymnastics, Judo, Racquetball, Rifle/Pistol, Sailing, Tri Club, Men’s Water Polo, Women’s Water Polo
Full Officer Meeting 9/3/13-9/20/13
(By Appt)
As scheduled CREC
Monthly Officer Meeting 10/16/13 8:00 PM CREC Boilermaker Rm
Monthly Officer Meeting 11/13/13 8:00 PM CREC Boilermaker Rm
Full Officer Meeting  1/13/14-1/31/14
(By Appt)
As scheduled CREC
Monthly Officer Meeting 2/12/14  8:00 PM CREC Boilermaker Rm 
Monthly Officer Meeting 3/12/14  8:00 PM  CREC Boilermaker Rm
Monthly Officer Meeting 4/9/14 8:00 PM CREC Boilermaker Rm
End of Year Awards 4/30/14  6:30-8:00 PM CREC Feature Gym