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Driver Authorization
Updated 9/20/13

Club Sports Driver Authorization

All Club Sport drivers must complete an authorization process to be eligible to drive for their club. The steps below outline the authorization process and provide access to required forms that are submitted with the driver certification.

Basic Requirements

  1. Complete the Club Sport Driver Authorization Certification 
  2. Submit required driver approval documents to the Club Sports Office 

Additional Requirements for Personal & University Vehicles

If you will be driving a university van or taking a personal vehicle, then please complete additional steps listed below in addition to the basic requirements:

University Vehicle

  1. Complete the Purdue Passenger Van Training Certification  
    • Log-in to WebCert, select “Risk Management”
    • Review the training presentation and complete associated test
  2. Submit WebCert Purdue Passenger Van Training Certification Form to the Club Sports Office. 

Personal Vehicle

Submit a valid copy of your vehicle proof of insurance to the Club Sports OfficeMinimum coverage amounts include:

Bodily Injury

  • Each Person-$100,000
  • Each Occurrence-$100,000

Property Damage

  • Each Occurrence-$50,000