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Updated 06/11/14

callout schedules

Fall 2014

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Aikido Wednesday, September 3 8pm CREC MP3
Archery TBA
Badminton TBA
Cricket TBA    
Fencing Tuesday, September 2 & Thursday, September 4 6:30pm CREC MP5
Gymnastics Wednesday, September 3 8:30pm Lambert Gym, Second Floor
Ice Hockey Wednesday, August 27 7pm  BRNG 1245 
Judo Monday, September 8 7pm  CREC MP6 
Karate Wednesday, September 3 6pm CREC MP2
Kendo Wednesday, September 3 7pm CREC MP5
Lacrosse, Men's  TBA    
Lacrosse, Women's  Wednesday, September 3 7pm BRNG 1245
Outing Wednesday, September 3 7pm Class of 1950 Lecture Hall
Racquetball Wednesday, August 27 7pm CREC Racquetball Ct 1–8
Rifle & Pistol Monday, September 8  7pm  LWSN B155 
Rugby, Men's  TBA
Rugby, Women's  TBA     
Running Wednesday, September 3 7pm WTHR 200
Sailing TBA    
Soccer, Men's  TBA    
Soccer, Women's  TBA     
Tae Kwon Do Tuesday, September 2 8pm CREC MP6
Trap & Skeet TBA
Triathlon TBA     
Ultimate, Men's TBA    
Ultimate, Women's  Wednesday, September 3 5:30pm  BRNG 1268 
Volleyball, Men's TBA
Volleyball, Women's  TBA
Water Polo, Men's Monday, August 25 7pm Aquatic Center 
Water Polo, Women's Tuesday, September 2 7pm  CREC Aqua Mezzanine