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Club callout & practice schedules
Updated 1/14/15

Callout & Practice Schedules

(*Subject to change)

Spring 2015 Callouts

Aikido February 4 8pm CoRec MP3
Archery None    
Badminton January 21 9pm CoRec Lower Gym Cts 2&3
Baseball January 15 7pm ARMS 1021
January 20 8pm ARMS 1021
Cricket April 30 4pm Zucrow Cricket Pitch
Fencing January 15 6:30pm CoRec MP5
Gymnastics January 28 8pm Lambert Gym Cts 1-3
Ice Hockey None    
Judo None    
Karate January 23 5:30pm CoRec MP2
Kendo January 21 7pm CoRec MP5
Lacrosse, Men's None    
Lacrosse, Women's January 21 7pm BRNG 1245
Outing January 27 6pm CL50
Racquetball January 21 7pm CoRec Racquetball Cts 3-8
Rifle & Pistol January 26 7pm LWSN B155
Rugby, Men's January 20 6pm ME 1052
Rugby, Women's March 24 6:30pm ARMS 1028
Running January 20 6:30pm WTHR 200
Sailing None    
Soccer, Men's None    
Soccer, Women's January 14 6pm BRNG 1254
Tae Kwon Do January 20 8pm CoRec MP6
Tennis None    
Trap & Skeet January 22 7pm ARMS B071
January 28 7pm ARMS B071
Triathlon January 27 6:30pm ME 1061
Ultimate, Men's None    
Ultimate, Women's January 21 6:30pm BRNG 1268
Volleyball, Men's January 13 7pm CoRec Lower Gym Cts 2&3
Volleyball, Women's January 12 7pm CoRec Lower Gym Cts 2&3
Water Polo, Men's None    
Water Polo, Women's None    

Spring 2015 Practices

Aikido Jan 12-May 2 M/W 7:30pm-9:30pm CREC MP3
Sa 11am-1pm
Archery Jan 12-Apr 2 F 6:30pm-8:30pm Armory
Apr 3-May 2 W/F 6pm-8pm Zucrow Archery Range
Badminton Jan 12-May 2 W/F 9pm-12am CREC Lower Gym Cts 2-3
Su 3:30pm-6pm
Baseball Jan 27-Mar 5 T/W 5:30pm-7:30pm TREC Field 2
T/Th 6am-8am MAC Gym
Mar 23-May 2 T/W/Th 5:30pm-7:30pm JJB Field-Lafayette, IN
Cricket Apr 15-Sept 15 M-F 4pm-9pm Zucrow Cricket Pitch
Fencing Jan 12-May 2 T/Th 6:30pm-9:30pm CREC MP5
Su 4pm-7pm
Gymnastics Jan 12-May 2 M/T/W 8pm-10pm Lambert Gym Cts 1-3
Th 7pm-9pm
Ice Hockey Jan 14-Feb 11 W 9:45pm-11:15pm Artic Zone-Carmel, IN
Judo Jan 12-May 2 M 7:30pm-9:30pm CREC MP6
F 7pm-9pm
Karate Jan 12-May 2 M/W 5:30pm-7pm CREC MP2
Sa 4pm-6pm
Kendo Jan 12-May 2 M/W 6:30pm-8:30pm CREC MP5 West 
Sa 2pm-4pm
Lacrosse, Men's  Jan 12-Mar 15 M/T 6am-8am TREC Full Field
W 7:30pm-9pm TREC Field 2
F 5pm-7pm MAC Gym
Sa 10am-12pm TREC Full Field
Mar 22-May 2 M-F 6pm-8pm Black Fields-Lacrosse 1
Lacrosse, Women's  Jan 12-Mar 15 T 10:30pm-12am TREC Field 2 
W 9pm-10:30pm
Mar 22-May 2 M/T/W/Th 6pm-8pm Black Fields-Lacrosse 2
Outing Jan 12-May 2 M/W 8pm-9:30pm AQUA Dive Well
T 6:30pm-8pm Boilermaker Room
Racquetball Jan 12-May 2 M/W/Th 6pm-8pm CREC Racquetball Cts 3-8
Rifle & Pistol Jan 12-May 2 M 8pm-10pm Armory
Th 7pm-10pm
Su 3:30pm-5:30pm
Rugby, Men's  Jan 12-Mar 15 T 9pm-10:30pm TREC Field 2
Th 6am-8am TREC Full Field
Su 11am-1pm
Su 1pm-3pm Boilermaker Room
Mar 22-May 2 M/W/Th 6pm-8pm Rugby Pitch
Rugby, Women's  Jan 12-Mar 15 T 7:30pm-9pm TREC Field 2
W 10:30pm-12am
Mar 22-May 2 T/Th 6pm-8pm Rugby Pitch
Running Jan 12-May 2 M-F 4:45pm CREC East Entry
Sailing TBD      
Soccer, Men's  Jan 12-Mar 15 M 7:30pm-9pm TREC Field 2
Soccer, Women's  Jan 12-Mar 15 W 6am-8am MAC Gym
Jan 12-Mar 15 Th 10:30pm-12am TREC Field 2
Mar 22-May 2 M-F 5:30pm-7:30pm Gold Fields-Soccer 1
Tae Kwon Do Jan 12-May 2 T/Th/Sa 7:30pm-9:30pm CREC MP6
Tennis Jan 12-May 2 T/Th 9pm-11pm Schwartz Tennis Center
Su 9pm-10:30pm
Trap & Skeet Feb 15-May 2 As announced   Trap & Skeet Range
Triathlon Jan 12-May 2 M/W 8:30pm-10:30pm AQUA Comp Pool 6 Lanes (M)
F 6:30pm-8:30pm AQUA Comp Pool 6 Lanes (S)
Su 10am-12pm CREC Cycle Studio
Ultimate, Men's Jan 12-Mar 15 M/Th 9pm-10:30pm TREC Field 2
W 6am-8am TREC Full Field
Mar 22-May 2 T/W/Th 5:30pm-7:45pm Black Fields-Ultimate 1
Ultimate, Women's  Jan 12-Mar 15 M 10:30pm-12am TREC Field 2
Th 7:30pm-9pm
Su 1pm-3pm TREC Full Field
Mar 22-May 2 T/W/Th 5:45pm-8pm Black Fields-Ultimate 2
Volleyball, Men's Jan 12-May 2 T/Th 7pm-9pm CREC Lower Gym Cts 2-3
Sa 10am-12pm
Volleyball, Women's  Jan 12-May 2 M/W 7pm-9pm CREC Lower Gym Cts 2-3
Su 10am-12pm
Water Polo, Men's Jan 12-May 2 T/Th 7pm-8:30pm AQUA Dive Well
Water Polo, Women's Jan 12-May 2 M/W 7:30pm-9:30pm AQUA Comp Pool 6 Lanes (S)
T 6:30pm-8:30pm
Th 6:30pm-8:30pm AQUA Comp Pool Long Course