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Gearing Up
Updated 7/2/14

As a group we have:

  • selected the program that’s right for us. If not, click here.
  • discussed two date/time options as an organization.
  • discussed group goals as an organization.
  • Choose from: Communication, responsibility, conflict resolution, leadership, goal setting, problem solving, trust, decision making, and risk-taking.

As the group coordinator I:

  • am prepared to answer the following questions and statements about my group.
  • Briefly explain the purpose of the group and provide some detail.
    • How well the group knows one another.
    • What are some things the organization excels in?
    • What are some things the organization would like to work on?
    • The goals the group has chosen and why.
  • have submitted the Boiler Challenge on-line Request form and answered all questions in detail.