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rules & policies
Updated 3/21/14

rules & policies

Facility Rules

Swimming suits are required [no gym or running shorts]; showers are required prior to entering the pools or spa; etc.

Lap Swimming Etiquette:

Learn the Rules of Circle Swimming – if two people are in a lane, each person should swim down and back on one side of the lane; three or more people in a lane should swim circles [generally counter clockwise] keeping the lane line on their right side. Be courteous when asking to share a lane or to circle swim.

Try to swim in a lane with people that are going approximately your speed – this will reduce the number of times you may have to pass someone and if you are looking to just kick for your workout, moving to a slower lane would be a good idea.

Be courteous when passing a slower swimmer – a quick ‘thank you’ goes a long way when making passes around slower swimmers. The turn is the best place to make the pass, but in the event you cannot pass at the wall, a gentle tap on the feet of the swimmer in front of you will let them know you are looking to pass. When there are three or more people in a lane it is advised to swim closer to the lane lines so that people can pass and to help avoid collisions.

The faster swimmer always has the right of way – this is especially true on the turns; if you know that a faster swimmer is making their way up from behind you – please take a moment and let them pass at the wall or move over closer to the lane line. When resting at the wall, please move to the outside of the lane so that swimmers can still make their turn. Be aware when starting your swim again too, let the faster swimmer go first.

Get your own workout equipment – there is generally a good supply of kick boards and pull buoys available. Please get what you need prior to starting your workout. If there is limited equipment, please ask permission before borrowing someone else’s equipment. Put away your equipment when finished scores points with the pool staff too.

Be careful when using hand paddles – they can be deadly weapons in a crowded pool lane, especially if you have a wide recovery stroke.

Smile – it is amazing how effective a smile can be, even underwater.