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athletic trainers
Updated 8/26/24

athletic trainers

The Athletic Training staff is responsible for the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and illnesses among the club sports and intramurals offered at Purdue University in addition to our recreation center patrons . The staff has open office hours for all participants and covers practices as well as home games for many club sports.

An Athletic Trainer is a health care professional who provides:

  1. Immediate and emergency care
  2. Clinical evaluation and diagnosis of injury/illness
  3. Treatment and rehabilitation of injury/illness
  4. Injury/illness prevention and wellness protection
  5. Organizational and professional health and well-being

Our staff Athletic Trainers are certified by the Board of Certification, licensed by the State of Indiana and are members of the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA)

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Athletic Trainer FACTS

Services we provide

  • Basic wound care
  • Acute injury/illness response and care
  • Injury evaluation
  • Temporary loans of crutches
  • Taping (must supply tape)
  • Ice bags/ice cups
  • Heat packs
  • Basic rehabilitation
  • Patient education

Xander Keller, ATC

Xander Keller is pursuing his Masters of Science in the Health and Kinesiology department. He is an Alumni of Purdue University, graduating with a Bachelors in Athletic Training in 2013. Xander is originally from Noblesville, Indiana, but has lived in the West Lafayette area for the past 5 years. When not in the Athletic Training office at the RSC, covering club sports, or varsity sports for Purdue University, he likes to spend his time playing pick-up games of basketball and soccer, as well as IM football and softball.