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Rental Rates
Updated 4/2/14

Group Definitions

For billing and rental purposes, persons reserving space will be categorized as follows:

  • Purdue Affiliate
  • Non-University Group
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Indoor Facilities Rental Prices

  Purdue AffiliateNon- University Group
  Hourly Rate Full Day Rate Hourly Rate Full Day Rate
Indoor Facilities Courts-Basketball/Volleyball Upper,
Black & Gold, all Gyms
$10/court/hr $80/per day  $25/court/hr $200/per day
Wally /Badminton
 $3/court/hr $24/per day  $7.50/court/hr $60/per day
Lambert Gym  $30/hr $240/per day  $75/hr $600/per day
Multipurpose Rooms  $15/hr $120/per day  $37.50/hr $300/per day
TREC per half (north/south side) $27.50/hr $220/per day $70/hr $560/per day
TREC full $50/hr $400/per day $125/hr $1,000/per day
3 Court Gym $27.50/hr $220/per day $70/hr $560/per day
MAC $20/court/hr $160/per day $50/court/hr $400/per day
Meeting Room (small) $8/hr   $20/hr  
Meeting Room (large) $10/hr   $25/hr  
Lounge Area's (includes gym, overlook, boiler up, atrium, ftiness, basement, level 1 & 3, northwest entry, west plaza) $5/hr $40/per day $10/hr $80/per day
Whole Facility $250/hr   $625/hr  
Kitchen $25/hr   $62.50/hr  
Boulder Wall  $30/hr    $75/hr  
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Outdoor Facilities Rental Prices

 Purdue AffiliateNon-University Group
Basketball/Volleyball $5/hr  $15/court/hr
Tennis  $3/court/hr  $7.50/court/hr
Wabash/Softball/Football/Soccer/Rugby $5/hr  $24/field/hr
Black Fields-Wabash/Softball/Football/Soccer/Rugby/Lacrosse $5/hr  $12.50/field/hr
Gold Fields-Softball/Football/ Soccer/Rugby/Lacrosse $10/hr  $25/field/hr
Pickett Park Pod (Four pods) $15/flat  $12.50/hr
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Aquatic Facilities Rental Prices

Aquatic Center/Rec Pool Facility RatePurdue AffiliateNon-University Group
Per lane charge (25 yards)  $7/lane/hr  $12/lane/hr
Per lane charge (50m) $12/lane/hr  $25/lane/hr
25yd x 25yd Pool (Short Course-8 lanes)  $35/hr $80/lane/hr
50m Pool (Long Course-8 lanes) 2 hour minimum  $65/hr  $160/hr
Diving Well (all) 2 hour minimum  $25/hr $90/hr
Aquatic Center Lobby or Balcony Area $15/hr $40/hr
Class Room $10/hr $25/hr
Recreation Pool  $40/hr  $90/hr
Open area [with bench] $25/hr $50/hr
Spa $14/hr $40/hr
Vortex $15/hr $40/hr
Patio $15/hr $40/hr
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Security Personnel $15/hr/person 
Custodial/Service $20/hr/person 
AV-Lighting Technician $40/hr/person 
Facility Manager $15/hr/person 
Equipment Center Staff $15/hr/person 
Welcome Center Staff $15/hr/person 
Lifeguard/Head Guard $15/hr/person 
Athletic Trainer $15/hr/person 
IM Staff $15/hr/person 
Boiler Challenge $15/hr/person 
Staffing needs to be determined by Assistant Director of Reservations
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Sports Equipment based on approved DRS rates
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Miscellaneous Fees

Outdoor Lights $36/hr
Chair Rental (10 free) $1/chair
Protective Mats $2/mat
Table $2/table
Projector Portable $5/hr
Projector Overhead $10/hr
Projector Feature $30/hr
Projector Screen fixed $10/hr
Projector Screen portable  $5/hr
Flat Screen $5/hr
Blueray $2/hr
Sound System $10/hr
Stage (per section) $5/per section
Theater Lights $10/hr
Podium $10/per usage
Linens $2/per linen
Pipe & Drape $3/per lineal foot
Scoreboard-Dry $5/hr (or plus operator)
Floor Covering $7.50/per covering
Floor Carpet Squares $100.00 flat
Aqua Scoreboard Rental based on approved ICA rates
Scoreboard Operator $75 event/session
Aqua Timing System based on approved ICA rates
Timing System Operator $75 event/session
Scorer $75 event/session
E-Shop $35/hr
Announcer $40 event/session
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Lining Fees

1st FieldAdd Fields
Flag Football/Ultimate $110 $65/each
Football Regulation $220 $130/each
Lax-Men Full or Rugby $245 $145/each
Lax-Women Full or Rugby $200 $120/each
Softball $65 $40/each
Soccer 3X3 $100 $60/each
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Conference Rentals

Eligible participant-conferee will have three options:

  1. Daily admission fee of $7.00
  2. Conference pass of $2.50 per day for length of conference
  3. Conference pays $1.00 per each participant per day for length of conference

Long Term Rentals

Defined as groups requesting multiple facilities, 4 or more hours in a day and/or a period of 4 weeks or longer. May be eligible for a rental discount of up to 30%. DRS director will approve all discounts applied to rental groups.

Rain Site Location

If a group would like the option to hold a rain site, they will be charged the average of the outdoor space and the comparable indoor space.

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