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Updated 1/12/15


Annual Hours by Date

Date EventHours
1/10-1/18   Spring Semester Standard Hours
1/19 Monday MLK Standard Hours
1/20-3/12   Spring Semester Standard Hours
3/13 Friday Spring Break Early Close
3/14-3/21   Spring Break Break Hours
3/22-5/7   Spring Semester Standard Hours
5/8 Friday Semester End Early Close
5/9-5/24   Summer Session Summer Hours
5/25 Monday Memorial Day Holiday Hours
5/26-7/3   Summer Session Summer Hours
7/4 Saturday Independence Day Holiday Hours
7/5-8/21   Summer Summer Hours

Standard Hours

  5:30–12a 8–12a 10–12a
TRECMon, Wed, FriTue & ThurSatSun
4p–12a 11a–2p, 4p–12a 12p–10:30p 3p–12a
Climbing WallMon–Sun
Comp PoolMon–ThurFriSatSun
6a–2p & 5p–10:30p 6a–2p &
11a–5:30p 12:30–5:30p
Rec PoolMon–FriSat & Sun
  12p–10:30p 12:30p–10:30p
Admin SuiteMon–FriSat & Sun
  8a–5:30p Closed
Wellness SuiteMon–FriSat & Sun
  8a–5p Closed
FuelMon–ThursFriSat & Sun
9a–11p 9a–10p 12–8p

CoRec activity space schedules | Comp Pool & Dive Well weekly schedule | Rec Pool weekly schedule

Break Hours

CoRecMon–FriSat & Sun
  5:30a–9p 10a–6p
TRECMon, Wed, FriTue & ThurSat & Sun
  4p–9p 11a–2p, 4–9p 12:30p–5:30p
Climbing WallMon–Sun
Comp PoolMon-Fri Sat & Sun
  6a–9a &
Rec PoolMon-Fri Sat & Sun
  2p-8:30p   2p-5:30p
Admin SuiteMon–FriSat & Sun
  8a–5:30p Closed
Wellness SuiteMon–FriSat & Sun
  8a–5p Closed

Early Close Hours

Friday before Fall Break, Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Friday before Spring Break,
Final Friday of each semester.

CoRec 5:30a–9p
TREC Mon, Wed, Fri: 4–9p, Tue & Thur: 11a–2p, 4–9p
Climbing Wall 4–8:30p
Comp Pool 6a–2p, 5–8:30p
Rec Pool 12p-8:30p
Admin Suite 8a–5:30p
Wellness Suite 8a–5p


Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day.

Holiday Hours

Thanksgiving Friday, Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve, Memorial Day, July 4.

CoRec 10a–6p
Comp Pool 11a–2p
Rec Pool 2pm-5:30pm
Climbing Wall/TREC/Admin Suite/Wellness Suite/Fuel Closed

Summer Hours

 Mon–Fri Sat & Sun
CoRec 5:30a–9p   10a–6p
Comp Pool 6–9a, 11a–2p, 5–8:30p   12:30–5:30p
Rec Pool 12–8:30p   12:30–5:30p
Climbing Wall 5–9p   12:30–5:30p
Admin Suite 8a–5:30p   Closed
Wellness Suite 8a–5p   Closed
Fuel 12–7p   Closed
TRECMon, Wed, FriTue & ThurSat & Sun
  4–9p 11a–2p, 4–9p 12:30–5:30p