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Rec Sports
Updated on 8/29/13


The Division of Recreational Sports is committed to enhance the quality of life at Purdue through engagement in recreation which fosters an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes lifelong learning.


The Division of Recreational Sports will be a preeminent collegiate recreation program, offering programs, services, and facilities of the highest quality.


The Division of Recreational Sports upholds and practices the following values:

Celebrate Differences

We will create a respectful environment that celebrates the intrinsic worth of each individual, facilitates an open exchange of ideas, nurtures creative expression, and accentuates cross cultural interaction.

Optimize Resources

We take full responsibility for the efficient and effective use of all our resources.

Remember Our Customer

We must anticipate our participants’ needs, be mindful of their safety and pursue excellence in all we do.

Educate Always

We intentionally develop lifelong learners. Recreation plays a powerful role in transformative learning and enhances academic performance.


We believe in the synergistic benefits of working together. We strive to provide opportunities that will promote camaraderie and lifelong connections.