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Renovation Site Overview
Updated 2/20/14


rsc renovation site overview

A reinterpretation of the site and the existing Recreational Sports Center’s connection to the adjacent Boilermaker Aquatic Center leverages the opportunities of both facilities to support each other while redefining the vehicle and outside recreation side entries to both facilities. Existing adjacent parking will be displaced and relocated to the northwest. A drop-off circle for cars and buses will be developed to serve the west entry. Service to both buildings is reoriented to a new service court accessed from the south. A major new east entry and south / east facade draws pedestrian traffic from the Third Street Corridor, reinforcing the facility’s prominence on campus and the goals of the Campus Master Plan. The new TREC is added to the west, enhancing a northwest courtyard, serving as a gateway and support space to outdoor fields further west, completing a comprehensive student recreation facility.


To meet the high program demands of Purdue students, personal fitness and weight training spaces are more than doubled in the proposed concept, distributed into multiple locations to provide a variety of experiences and atmospheres to serve the diverse needs of the student body. The addition of basketball courts, three volleyball (and/or nine badminton) courts, and unique indoor sports-turf and multi-purpose fields reduces serious over-crowding while providing new opportunities for increased usage from a wider spectrum of Purdue students.  A large increase of multi-activity spaces serves the demands of group exercise and fitness class-type programs as well as providing multi-purpose space opportunities for use by student organizations and the larger Purdue Community. A multi-purpose warm water aquatics pool for wellness, fitness, and recreation uses is added to the complex to supplement the cool water competition pools of the attached Boilermaker Aquatic Center. Running and walking opportunities are expanded by adding a three lane walking-jogging track to the existing running track. Rock climbing and bouldering are new choices added to the mix of activities available, while existing racquet sports are better integrated into the facility. Improved physical connections and zoning of spaces will allow logical user circulation, more efficient staffing, and better security.


To both expand the ability to serve student demand, and to provide a more effective temporary relocation plan during the course of construction, a 44’ high, 32,000+/- clear-span Turf Recreation Exercise Center “ TREC” was constructed during the first phase of the project. Located west of the existing Aquatic Center, this facility provides lockers and shower spaces and is configured to provide court and fitness spaces during the main construction periods, and will be converted to a indoor synthetic turf facility after completion of the project.