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France A Cordova Recreational Sports Center (CoRec) Renovation
Updated 2/18/14

France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center (CoRec) Renovation

Purdue Student Fitness and Wellness Center Design Plan

In response to the functional shortcomings and over-crowding of existing fitness, wellness and recreation activity spaces, Purdue University has begun the process of re-inventing the existing 53 year old Recreational Sports Center as a contemporary Student Fitness and Wellness Center.  The Recreational Sports Center was once considered a state-of-the-art facility, and was one of the first dedicated collegiate recreation buildings in the nation.  This Schematic Design Report outlines a comprehensive project concept with a core vision of renovating and expanding the Recreational Sports Center into an exciting campus center that once again meets the needs of today’s students and the institutional goals of Purdue University.

Task, Goals and Process

Building upon a previously completed (2006/07) program needs assessment and Fall 2008 Concept Design Phase, Moody Nolan, Inc. led a team of architects, engineers, and construction managers to work with Purdue University students, recreation staff, and administrators to further reconcile the program needs with the physical realities and complexities of a renovation and expansion project within University established budget goals. 

Size & Budget

The project targets a reconciled construction cost estimate of approximately $70 million and a total project budget of $98 million.  With approximately 338,000 Gross Square Feet in total size proposed (not including the existing Boilermaker Aquatic Center or the approximately 33,000 GSF Turf Recreation Exercise Center), the expanded facility effectively re-uses appropriate existing structures and spaces while adding significant new program square footage to meet the fitness, wellness and recreation needs of  Purdue students, providing an increase of over 142,000 Gross Square Feet. The project size, site and plan concepts, and available budget were aligned during the concept phase through collaboration and detailed conceptual estimating/budgeting by the Design Team, Construction Manager, the Steering Committee and Purdue project administration.

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