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Updated 12/14/12

The Recreational Sports Center (formerly known as the Recreational Gymnasium, or "Co-Rec") was the first university building in the United States created solely to serve students' recreational sports needs. It also is the administrative center for all programs of the Division of Recreational Sports.

Under construction from March 1954 until September 1957, the original four-level, $2.5 million building had 148,700 square feet devoted to recreational sports. Years of crowded conditions prompted students in the late 1970s to initiate action leading to the construction of an addition. Begun in the spring of 1980 and completed in the fall of 1981, the $4.5 million expansion added about 62,500 square feet. Student fee income has retired the bond indenture that financed the cost for constructing and equipping the original building and the addition.

Recreational Sports Center facilities offer Purdue students, faculty and staff a comprehensive recreational sports program. Four major areas -- informal sports, intramural sports, club sports, and fitness/wellness activities -- provide varied opportunities for all to enjoy recreational sports activities suited to their particular needs. More than one million annual participations indicate the popularity of the division's programs and facilities.