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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated 9/10/14

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Asked Questions (click to see answers!)

Q: What are your hours?

A; See the Hours Page

Q: Can you reserve racquetball courts? How much in advance?

A: Yes! You can reserve a court for up to two hours, up to five days in advance.

Q: Are membership prices pro-rated twice a semester?

A: Yes! See pro-rated prices.

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Q: Do you have saunas? What about steam rooms?

A: Yes, we have three saunas. We do not have any steam rooms.

Q: Do you have personal trainers? How can I get one?

A: Yes, we have personal trainers. Please visit the Personal Training website for more information.

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Q: How can I know if the MAC gym is reserved?

A: Call our 24-hour information line 765.494.3108.

Q: Can I bring my child, who is 15 years old or younger wih me?

A: See our Dependent Membership Policies.

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Q: My friend is in a learn to play class, can I go to one class with her/him?

A: No. Only people who have registered and payed my attend Learn to Play classes.

Q: When can I reserve a massage?

A: Please visit the Massage Therapy website for more informtion.

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