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Frequenty Asked Questions

My provider wants me to see a doctor outside of PUSH. How do I find a doctor? Will it be covered by my insurance?

If a provider at PUSH wants you to see another provider outside of PUSH, you must first confirm with your insurance if it is a covered service. The Student Resource policy brochure states what is covered. It will also include information on deductible and co-pays that will be your responsibility to pay. Be sure to check out the exclusion page the policy brochure. The brochure is available on-line. If it is a covered service, it is best to pick a doctor in the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus Network.

I’m away from campus for the summer. I want to go to my gynecologist or family doctor for my yearly physical exam. Will it be covered?

Preventative care, which includes a woman’s annual exam, pre-employment exam, sports physical or any other routine exam, must be completed at a provider within the United Healthcare Choice Plus Network.

I’m traveling this summer. Am I covered away from campus?

The Student Health insurance plan uses the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network which is a very large, nationwide network of physicians and hospitals. Claims would be processed according to plan provisions. It is important to check that the hospital or provider is in the preferred network to have the highest level of payment. If you are traveling abroad, there is coverage outside of the US. Please visit www.uhc.com or you may contact the Student Insurance office with questions.

I’ve injured myself in a bicycle accident. What should I do?

In most cases, you should first come to PUSH to be evaluated and treated. If it is a serious injury/illness, go directly to the nearest emergency room or call 911. There is a $50 co-pay/deductible if you visit an emergency room. There is a $15 co-pay if you utilize the PUSH Urgent Care facility.

How do I reach the Medical Information Helpline (Collegiate Assistance Program)?

Insured students have access to nurse advice, health information, and counseling support 24 hours a day by dialing 1-866-272-7119. Collegiate Assistance Program is staffed by Registered Nurses and Licensed Clinicians who can help students determine if they need to seek medical care, need legal/financial advice or may need to talk to someone about everyday issues that can be overwhelming.

Does the medical insurance cover dental care and vision care?

No, it is a medical policy only. Dental and vision care would only be covered if there was an injury to the mouth or eyes. Routine dental care including any treatments for cavities, and routine vision care including eyeglasses or contact lenses are not covered.

Is pregnancy a covered benefit?

Pregnancy is not considered a pre-existing condition. The Purdue insurance policy does include limited coverage for prenatal care and delivery. Please refer to the appropriate online brochure, http://www.purdue.edu/push/insurance/brochures.shtml, for more specific details on all routine, preventive screening examinations or testing. Not all preventative procedures/exams/tests are covered, but many are. Global Pregnancy Care is paid by including prenatal, delivery and postpartum as one charge. The new healthcare law allows 44% of the global charge to be paid at 100% as preventative care if billed by an in network provider and the remaining 56% of the global maternity care is paid as any other illness. Insurance will only pay for the preventive care portion if it is done by an In-Network provider. There is no coverage for the preventive care portion if performed by an Out-of-Network provider. It is very important to ascertain if your provider is part of the United Healthcare Choice Plus Network. This has recently changed due to the Affordable Health Care Act.

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