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Frequenty Asked Questions

I never received an insurance card. How can I obtain one?

Through http://www.uhcsr.com/purdue, those students who are covered by Student Resource Health Insurance can access their insurance information at any time. The site provides online access to coverage information, print-friendly replacement ID cards and claims status. If you have not yet created an account, just follow the “Create an Account” link in the College Student Login area of the homepage.

I am an international student. Why must I purchase the Purdue University sponsored health insurance plan?

Many international students may have insurance that meets only minimum requirements. These policies often do not adequately cover them for illness, injury or pregnancy while in the United States. In addition, a large number of these policies do not provide coverage for essentials like preventative medicine, which includes the tuberculosis testing and immunizations required by Purdue. Such policies also feature high deductibles and low total dollar limits on benefits. This leads to students paying additional, sometimes substantial dollars before insurance will start to pay. Further, the total available benefits may not be sufficient to pay for treatment in cases of serious illness or injury. Other students buy insurance with appropriate coverage, but drop it, leaving them at high risk for financial problems if they become ill or injured.

What happens if I do not purchase the insurance that is required for international students?

Failure to comply with the mandatory health insurance requirement by the required deadline will cause a hold to be immediately placed on your account.   This hold will prevent any further registration or receipt of grades/transcripts until the insurance requirement is met.  In addition, students who do not comply by the deadline will be notified of their non-compliant status and a $200 late fee will be assessed.  After the deadline has passed, health insurance enrollment can only take place in the Student Insurance office.  Prior to insurance enrollment, the late fee of $200 must be paid by credit or debit card, or money order.

I am an international student arriving in the United States prior to classes starting. I hope to travel for a few weeks before coming to campus. Can I purchase the student insurance plan to cover me while I am traveling?

No, the student insurance plan does not start until August 6th for the fall semester. Insurance coverage is important if you are traveling within the United States, but we would suggest that you purchase a travel policy expressly designed for the time period that you will be traveling. It is usually available on a monthly basis. A travel policy is not acceptable for use while registered as a student at Purdue. You must purchase the mandatory Purdue insurance plan or meet our waiver requirements. However, a travel policy may be useful for the interim period between leaving your country and arriving at Purdue.

I’m getting married! How will this affect my student insurance plan for myself and future spouse?

If you want to add your future spouse to your student insurance policy, it is advisable to visit the Student Insurance office in PUSH, Room 338/340 prior to the big day. If your future spouse currently has insurance coverage, you may want to check with the Student Insurance office to compare coverage and prices. Prior planning about such an important issue is something the staff at the Student Insurance office can help you navigate, but only within 31 days of the big event. Any lapse in coverage may cause a person to have denied claims for pre-existing conditions.

I am an international student and am now registered as Degree or Exam only and will be doing OPT. Am I still required to have insurance?

Health insurance is required for all actively registered students on OPT.  If insurance is not provided to you by your employer, you may be eligible to continue your Purdue University Student Insurance Plan.  You may contact the Student Insurance Office at 765-496-3998 or by email.  You are required to provide a copy of your I-20.  If the date in Box 5 has not yet passed, you must also provide proof of your insurance coverage to the PUSH insurance office.  Your insurance health plan must meet Purdue’s insurance requirement with no lapse in coverage or you will be required to purchase the University plan.

What if I don’t have a debit or credit card to pay?

You may NOT enroll for the student insurance plan and pay cash or check. First, go to a local bank (i.e. PEFCU, Chase, Regions, Lafayette Community, etc), deposit your money and obtain a debit card. Once it is activated, you may then enroll online for the insurance.

Does all of this have to be done today or before school starts?

No, the insurance enrollment deadline is September 8th for the fall semester and January 31st for the spring semester. However, it is wise to get it completed as soon as possible as you must have insurance in place before having tuberculosis test completed.

What if I do not yet have a local address?

You can use a temporary address and then later update your address online with the insurance company. Be sure to do this or you will not receive your insurance card or any other important communications from them if you have the wrong address. You may use the temporary address below if you do not yet have one.
       601 Stadium Mall Drive
       West Lafayette, IN 47906

What if I think I might get a funded graduate assistantship soon?

You may wait to enroll as long as you do so before the deadline. If you still have not yet received a graduate assistantship by the insurance deadline, go ahead and enroll and pay for the International plan. Once you have been approved for an assistantship, enroll for the graduate staff plan as instructed. DO NOT DELAY – it must be done within 30 days of your hire date! If you have not received your international plan refund within 4 weeks, contact tblacker@purdue.edu.

What happens if I can’t remember my password from last year when I signed up for the student insurance plan?

Call UHCSR Customer Service at 1-888-224-4754. You may also re-create a new account, but the user name and password may not contain similarities with the previous user name and password.

What should I do if I need to see a doctor before August 6th, when my student insurance becomes effective?

If you plan to arrive in the US prior to your classes beginning, it is recommended that you purchase a travel policy to cover any illnesses or injuries that may occur prior to the August 6th start date of the Purdue University sponsored insurance. You may be seen at the Purdue University Student Health Center, but please be aware that you will incur charges for your visit that will have to be paid at the time of service. However, if your travel policy has a United States mailing address, PUSH will submit your health insurance claim for you.

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