Ruth S. O’Connor, MD, FAAFP


  • Wheaton College: Wheaton, IL (1973)
  • Medical College of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, WI (1977)


  • Family Medicine: Birmingham, AL (1980)

Professional Interests & Specializations:

I became board certified in family medicine in 1980. I have become recertified at regular intervals since then. My most recent recertification was in 2015.

Length of time at PUSH:

Before coming to PUSH as a staff physician in 1989, I served as a family physician in Greenville, IL.

Why do you like working at PUSH?:

I am very proud to be working for Purdue - a world class university. In order for the students to reach their full potential their health must come first, and that is why I consider it a joy to be an important link the health of students.

What is your philosophy of care?:

I view each patient as an individual. Each one deserves the best care from me. I make every effort to keep up with the latest medical knowledge. Considering that I have five children of my own, I can relate to students.

What do you like to do when you’re not at PUSH?

I love to take walks and hikes. My wonderful family and I plan our vacations around the best hiking trails. I enjoy hand bells and choir at my church. Gardening is also enjoyable for me, and my dahlias have done very well this year.