Waivers for International Students - Students on CPT and OPT

Students on CPT (Curricular Practical Training)

Purdue's health insurance is required for all actively registered students on CPT.


Students on OPT (Optional Practical Training)

Health insurance is required for all OPT students who are degree seeking, registered and have not yet graduated.

If insurance is not provided to you by your employer, you may be eligible to continue your Purdue University Student Insurance Plan. You may contact the Student Insurance Office at 765-496-3998 or by email(student-insurance@purdue.edu)

You are required to provide a copy of your I-20. If the date in Box 5 has not yet passed, you must also provide proof of your insurance coverage to the PUSH insurance office. Please include your PUID.

Your insurance health plan must meet Purdue's insurance requirement with no lapse in coverage or you will be required to purchase the University plan.

If your current insurance plan does not have medical evacuation/repatriation benefits, a supplement may be purchased for an annual cost of $75.00/year, available in the Student Insurance Office.

If you will be graduating and seeking OPT, or will be uninsured while on OPT, you must contact the Student Insurance office prior to graduation. There is a brief period of time in which you may continue your student health insurance plan. You will not be eligible for the regular student plan if you are not an actively registered student with Purdue University.