Medical and Prescription Plan Information - Medical Care and Pharmacy Benefits

When on campus, PUSH should be the initial contact unless it is of an emergency nature (life-threatening). When seen by a PUSH provider, you will pay only $15.00 (copay) for the services you receive, except laboratory. When receiving treatment outside of PUSH, students are encouraged to use providers in the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network. A $200 deductible for in-network preferred providers and a $400 deductible for out-of-network providers will apply to all services outside PUSH. To find out if there are hospitals or health care providers in your area who are part of the network, call the insurance company at 1-888-224-4754 or visit the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources website.

Preventive care services are only covered if performed by an in-network provider.

Mid America Clinical Laboratories (MACL), located in PUSH is in the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network, and all preferred network coverage will apply.

The Purdue University Pharmacy (PUP) is the preferred pharmacy of the plan. Insured students and their insured dependents can have prescriptions filled at the pharmacy located in RHPH building, Room 118. A $10 copay for generic and $20 copay for brand name applies to each covered prescription at PUP. When you do not use PUP, prescriptions must be filled at a UnitedHealthcare Network pharmacy.  However, co-pay rates are higher outside of PUP.

Most US Providers will file claims to UHCSR for services received. All claims must be submitted to insurance within 90 days of the date of service. Claim forms, including all documentation, should be mailed to:

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
P.O. Box 809025
Dallas, Texas 75380-9025