Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if, as an international student, I don’t purchase the University health insurance plan?

Purchasing the mandatory health insurance is a condition of enrollment for international students at Purdue University. This requirement is in effect for the duration of your studies at Purdue. Failure to purchase insurance will result in a hold on your academic record, advisor notification of non-compliance, and a late fee. 


I am planning on traveling in the US prior to the start of classes.  May I purchase Purdue’s insurance to cover me?

Purdue’s policy starts August 1st. If you need coverage prior to that date, you will have to purchase a travel policy from an outside source.


How can I pay for my insurance?

Acceptable payments include MasterCard, Visa (credit or debit cards - no service fees), or a cashier’s check written to the order of Student Resources. No cash or personal checks are accepted. You may have sufficient time to open a local bank account to obtain a debit card prior to the enrollment deadline of September 8th.


How can I get help logging into my online account with UnitedHealthcare where I can retrieve a copy of my insurance card?

If you purchased your insurance online, use the username and password you created to log back in or use the "Forget Username/Password" link on the log-in page at  To create your online account for the first time, click on the link contained in the email you receive after making your online purchase. Follow the instructions provided to create an account. UHCSR’s help line is 1-888-224-4754; contact them for any questions regarding your online account.


What if I don’t yet know my address at Purdue?

You may use the Student Insurance office address until you have your permanent address on campus:

601 Stadium Mall Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Once you have obtained your permanent address, log onto your UnitedHealthcare online account to update your information. If you need help logging on, contact UHCSR at 1-888-224-4754.


I will be registered for Exam or Degree only. Am I eligible to purchase the student insurance plan?

Those registered as Exam or Degree only are eligible to purchase the plan.


Can I use PUSH before my insurance starts on August 1st?

International students who are registered may be seen, but will incur charges for all services including office visit fees. If your travel insurance policy has a United States mailing address, PUSH will be happy to submit charges on your behalf. Otherwise, payment may be made at the time of service or will be billed to your student bursar account.