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Purdue will Forge the Way in STEM Leadership

Expanding the College of Engineering

Scaling solar energy for mass consumption … harnessing energy from fusion … developing carbon sequestration methods … providing clean water … advancing health informatics … developing better medicine … preventing chemical and biological warfare and nuclear terror - these are the global grand challenges that can only be addressed by the field of engineering. Yet, the number of engineering students in the U.S. is actually declining. With other countries outpacing us, Purdue will be the university that steps up to address this problem through a revolutionary expansion to dramatically increase the number of students and faculty with the passion, curiosity and drive to engineer pathways to change.

Making Data More Meaningful

Every day, the world produces staggering amounts of digital data - from mobile sources such as cell phones and from the Internet, research labs, classrooms and social media. Getting access to, and meaning from, the enormous amounts of data produced each day is a priority for businesses and government. Yet there is a dramatic shortfall in the number of people who have the skills to provide meaningful analysis and insights from this information. Purdue will lead the world in collecting, analyzing and disseminating data with new models for computer software. Computer science at Purdue will be central to funded research and serve as a national model. We will prepare more students to design and use technology that can help identify trends, forecast events and develop models to inform policy and drive decision making on the local, national and global levels and in all sectors of society.

Taking Technology Higher

In our fast-moving global economy, the ability to innovate directly impacts economic growth and a nation’s ability to compete and prosper. The Purdue College of Technology, transformed into the Purdue Polytechnic Institute, will meet this need. The institute will be a hub for consumer-oriented research, offering students transformational experiences through a curriculum focused on the science of demand-driven innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will learn from experts through industry-sponsored research projects, “study-away” experiences, and internships. And every student will earn either an innovation certification through the development of a market-ready product or technology, or an entrepreneurship certification through the development of a business plan. Students will be equipped to be leaders in an innovation-based future.

Increase expansion of the College of Engineering

  • Purdue Engineering will take a leadership role as part of the national call to graduate 10,000 more engineers per year, enhancing our state and national capacity for innovation, economic growth and solutions to global grand challenges.
  • The expansion will go beyond the already approved five-year plan that called for:
    • Increasing Engineering graduate student enrollment by 750.
    • Increasing Engineering undergraduate enrollment by 691.
    • Hiring 107 new engineering faculty.
    • Lowering undergrad-to-faculty ratio from 21.2-to-1 to 17-to-1.
  • Engineering will explore additional ways to grow in existing and emerging areas such as interdisciplinary research collaboration, innovative joint degree programs and comprehensive engagement of industry and countries.


  • Make the Polytechnic Institute Purdue's hub for consumer-oriented technology research.
  • Transform the curriculum to teach the science of demand-driven innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • All Purdue Polytechnic students will engage in transformational experiences that include:
    • Yearlong, industry-sponsored team-based senior design projects supervised by professors and industry representatives.
    • “Study away” experience—opportunities for meaningful study overseas or in high-impact programs in the United States.
    • Semester/summer internship.
    • Design-lab courses every semester, starting in freshman year.
  • All Polytechnic students will be guaranteed a chance to earn:
    • An innovation certification through the development of a market-ready product or technology, or
    • An entrepreneurship certificate through the development of a business plan.

Strengthen Computer Science

  • Purdue Computer Science will lead the world in collecting, analyzing and disseminating data with new models for computer software.
  • Undergraduate and graduate enrollment in Computer Science will increase by 27 percent in order to provide to the world graduates who have the skills to address the needs in analyzing the vast amount of digital data produced in the wired world.
  • A special program will be created in the area of Data Science.
  • Purdue will be a leader in computer and information science.