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Purdue will Deliver World-Changing Research

Leading Multidisciplinary Research

Few universities can match the depth and breadth of Purdue’s research capabilities and talent. With preeminent scientists and scholars in agriculture, business, education, engineering, science, health care, environmental sciences, humanities, social sciences, manufacturing, technology, veterinary medicine and the arts, Purdue is a national and global leader in discovery and innovation. The work of Purdue’s researchers is supported by Discovery Park, a learning complex of eight centers on the West Lafayette campus that allows multidisciplinary groups to come together and respond to grand challenges and opportunities. Academic leadership has agreed that two such global challenges demand the attention and expertise that only Purdue can provide — drug technology to save lives and plant sciences to feed the world.

Investing in Drug Discovery

Drug discovery doesn't begin in a lab; it begins with a patient. People suffering from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, immune disorders, infectious diseases and trauma need help and hope. Researchers at the Purdue University Center for Drug Discovery are driven to find the connection between the molecular basis of disease and the compounds that might change the course of disease. Already, researchers at Purdue are at work on more than 30 new compounds in various stages of clinical development, with a number approaching federal approval. We will accelerate the rate of drug discovery to move revelations from the lab to commercialization and then to the millions of patients who need hope and relief.

Advancing Plant Science Research

With both the College of Engineering and College of Agriculture in the top 10 nationally, no other university has Purdue's expertise and resources to address the world's food needs as the planet's population is predicted to reach 9 billion people by 2050. To feed all these people, we must grow plants that deliver higher yield, are more nutritious, use water and nutrients more efficiently and tolerate more environmental variations than today's agricultural crops. Our plant scientists will lead the world in understanding plant biology, translating those discoveries to commercially important crops, using automation to assess the performance of these crops under field conditions and moving these improved plants or plant products through a pipeline for commercialization.

Purdue's capabilities for moving plant science innovation from lab to farm will be unmatched.

Invest in drug discovery

  • Create innovative research and teaching environment to stimulate discovery and the translation of basic research into new ways to diagnose and treat disease.
  • Accelerate the rate of drug discovery at Purdue.
  • Increase grant funding and industry investment.
  • Attract new researchers of international reputation and proven ability.
  • Foster research, clinical translation, education and commercialization in the development of life-saving and life-enhancing drugs.

Advance plant science research

  • Expand research and education in plant biology by establishing a Center for Molecular Agriculture with 10 faculty positions. The center will conduct research into the customization of plants that will meet emerging needs locally and globally.
  • Develop a plant transformation facility that bridges the gap between the identification of valuable plant genes and their commercialization.
  • Develop an automated field phenotyping laboratory. This lab will position Purdue to be a leader in this new field.
  • Create a Plant Commercialization Incubator facility that will enhance the value of Purdue intellectual property and make Purdue the “go-to” place for industry partners.
  • Develop student leaders in the plant sciences.