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Purdue will be the Forerunner in Transformative Education

Changing the Way Learning Occurs

Purdue challenges traditional teaching by changing the way classes are taught based on our research that identifies how today's students learn best. Purdue has already redesigned 62 courses, focusing on fewer lectures, more group projects, and incorporating online and in-class components to optimize faculty-student interaction. For instance, with access to personal electronics and shared information in the redesigned general chemistry course, students performed significantly better on the American Chemical Society national standardized exams. Other results indicate that students have higher perceived levels of engagement, confidence and competence in the redesigned courses that may correlate to higher grade-point averages. Purdue aims to double the rate of class transformation within the next three years, and lead the nation's universities in creating a new world of learning.

Engage Students with International Experience

Although Purdue has one of the nation's largest populations of international students, we have a very low percentage of students who study abroad. Given the cultural, professional and academic gains our students realize when they broaden their worldview with study abroad, we will dramatically increase the number of students engaging in an international study experience during their Purdue careers. In an increasingly global society this goal isn't a luxury; it is a necessity if our students are to graduate with the cultural competencies needed to make the greatest possible difference in their communities, their countries and the world. We believe that it is only through immersive study abroad experiences that our students can fully understand issues from a world perspective, master a foreign language, and define their place in the international community.

Increasing Success and Value Living on Campus

Students who live on campus achieve greater academic success and graduation rates than do their off-campus peers. While many of our peer universities are pushing for more online learning, Purdue is paying close attention to the link between on-campus living and student achievement. We will increase our housing options so at least half of our students can live on campus. The new residence halls will bridge the gap between living and learning with classes taught within residence halls, faculty and advisor offices just steps away from students' rooms, and study areas providing havens from the hustle of daily life. We will give every student the greatest possible chance to grow, graduate and launch himself or herself on a path to a fully productive life.

A Year-Round Option

At one time, higher education was driven by the agrarian calendar. Today, students' greatest need is to move quickly, flexibly and affordably in their academic careers. Purdue is focusing on year-round education, which provides students with greater flexibility to incorporate internships, study abroad and undergraduate research into their Purdue experience. Purdue increased 2013 summer enrollment by 11 percent, helping students to accelerate their time to degree completion and increase graduation rates. Not only will students benefit from focused and consistent learning, the campus and local economies will thrive with a year-round university.

Change the way learning occurs

  • Purdue will double the rate of class transformation, designing classrooms and courses that are rooted in what research tells us is best for students.
  • By Fall 2016, at least half of the undergraduate population at Purdue West Lafayette will be enrolled in at least one IMPACT ("Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation") course during the academic year.
  • Since 2012, Purdue's academic course transformation program has redesigned 62 classes.
  • Purdue's evaluation of these course transformations shows that the classes increased confidence, retention rates, graduation rates and student learning.
  • Purdue is already a national leader when it comes to challenging the traditional approach to teaching. No other university is transforming traditional courses into active learning courses at Purdue's pace.

Engage students with international experiences

  • Make study abroad as cost-neutral as possible for students by increasing scholarships and financial aid.
  • Enact a cultural shift, impressing the importance of international experiences.
  • Increase immersive, semester-long experiences in diverse cultures.
  • Double the number of students participating in study abroad opportunities, especially those of a semester or longer.
  • Provide incentive awards to departments/schools for study abroad programs and participation.

Increase success and value: Living on campus

  • Increase student success by adding housing options so at least half of our students live on campus.
  • Leverage University residences to better support the academic mission. Integrate colleges, programs, and interdisciplinary themes into the residential experience; and have faculty and advisor offices nearby.
  • Data shows that students who live on campus have a retention rate that averaged 7.2 percentage points greater over a 1-year period than their off-campus peers and a 10-year average GPA that is 0.15 points higher.

Become a year-round university

  • To address students' great need to move quickly, flexibly and affordably in their academic careers, Purdue will accelerate its efforts to provide a year-round academic schedule by continuing to expand summer enrollment and course offerings.
  • Nationally, summer enrollment is down 5 percent. Tuition discounting at other Indiana universities has not led to a change in summer enrollment.
  • Purdue's Think Summer campaign increased available courses and seats by 25 percent and increased enrollment by 11 percent.
  • Plans are to implement programs to enhance student achievement, including those to help at-risk first-year students and to support high-achieving students seeking an honors degree.