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Guidelines and Policies

Design and Style Guidelines

It's easy to design a PurdueBoard flyer using these guidelines:

  • Flyers need to be designed in an image editor or publishing program and saved as 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution at 72 dpi with a file type of ".jpg",  ".png", ".gif", or ".bmp".
  • Landscape orientation is preferred to ensure best use of campus digital signs.
  • Flyers need to be around 25 words with font sizes of 32 points or grerater, as a guideline.
  • Digital signage and web display widgets will only display a flyer for 15 seconds. Be mindful of this and use bright, contrasting colors, photos, graphics, and imagery to help attract attention to your announcement
  • Date, time, location, and contact information (phone, email, website, etc.) should be displayed in the graphic as well as in the description field on the flyer submission page. Additionally, use an appropriate title on the flyer submission page.
  • Use sans-serif fonts such as Arial, Helvetica, Verdana for legibility and be mindful of people with vision impairments. Avoid stylistic "handwritten" or "script" type fonts.

PowerPoint is an acceptable alternative design tool

PowerPoint is a good substitute if you do not have access to Photoshop, Illustrator, or other graphics creation software. Use the following steps to create a PurdueBoard flyer in PowerPoint.

In the design view of PowerPoint, select “Page Setup”

Page Setup in the Design view of PowerPoint

For PurdueBoard flyers, choose “Custom” with “Width: 20 inches” & “Height: 15 inches”

Page Size and orientation dialog box in PowerPoint page setup

Landscape is the preferred orientation 

Save slide as file type “PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (*.png)” or (.jpg)

Save as file type dialog box in PowerPoint

Policies for Use of the PurdueBoard System

PurdueBoard Policies: The policies for PurdueBoard are consistent with the Policy for Access and Use of Purdue’s Electronic Mail System (September 29, 1995) issued by the President of the University. See: Electronic Mail Policy.

In addition, the use of PurdueBoard conforms to the non-discrimination policy as issued by the President of the University as outlined in Memorandum D-1 dated December 31, 2002 (Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. D-1, dated January 8, 2001).  See: Nondiscrimination Policy Statement.

All Purdue University policies applying to student confidentiality, including FERPA, HIPAA and GLBA also apply:

Appropriate Use Described

The University provides electronic mail facilities to support its instructional, research, and service activities and associated administrative functions.  In general, policies and regulations that apply to other forms of communications at the University also apply to the PurdueBoard system. The system will be used only for purposes that respect the image, reputation and legal obligations of Purdue University.  Any recipient or user of this system whose actions violate this policy, or any other University policy or regulation, may be subject to limitations or elimination of privileges as well as other disciplinary actions.

Schools, departments and organizations that wish to use the system to communicate with students need to be cognizant of the relevance of the message to their targeted group.  The sender needs to consider their target audience CAREFULLY.  If messages are deemed to be inappropriate, they will be rejected for posting and returned to the sender explaining why the message was rejected.  Messages that sent to the wrong area can be rerouted to another area or returned to the sender requesting they forward the posting to the appropriate area.  Decisions on postings must be viewpoint neutral.  A posting should not be denied because the data content reviewer does not agree with the posting request message.  Additionally, postings should conform to the university non-discrimination procedures.

In all cases, the sponsor of the event must be clearly displayed in the posting.  Individuals submitting a posting for approval, are required to be an individual who represents the group sponsoring the event.

The following types of information will not be approved for posting:

  1. Sales of any type (including garage sales, automobiles, textbooks, etc.)
  2. Student surveys which collect personally identifiable information about students  Surveys intended to lead to a presentation or publication must obtain approval by the Committee on the Use of Human Research Subjects in advance and documentation of such approval must be provided to the Content Reviewer prior to approval.
  3. Postings that harass or intimidate an individual or group, or that in any way violate university non-discrimination regulations.
  4. Room mates wanted

Sanctions for misuse

  • Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by Purdue University student areas to the Office of the Dean of Students for appropriate action.
  • Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by non-University staff to Student Academic Affairs for appropriate action.
  • Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by faculty to the Office of the Provost for appropriate action.
  • Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by staff (other than faculty) to the Director of Human Resource Services.