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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I edit a posting once it has been submitted?

Yes. As long is you are logged in, you will see your flyer. However, you will not be able to edit a flyer once it has already been approved. Note the paper and pencil icon to the right of your flyer as shown here:

Click edit icon to make changes to your flyer


Should I submit multiple postings for the same event?

You no longer need to submit multiple postings to multiple subject categories in order for your posting to be syndicated to Boiler TV, digital signage, the myPurdue portal, Facebook and Twitter.  Although you have the capability of making multiple submissions, please consider submitting your posting to the subject category it best fits in to. If you feel the submission needs to be made available in more than one subject category, please submit no more than three.  On the home page you can scroll down the categories menu and a pop-up box will display what subject areas best fit in to the category.  If you are in doubt as to which subject category to submit to, select the Weekly News category.

Can I View the Postings by Date?

Yes.  Just click on the SORT BY DATE link just below the Submit A Flyer icon.  The postings are then displayed from oldest to newest.

How do I submit a posting to PurdueBoard?

There are now two ways to submit a flyer. 
• Submit the posting with a graphic that contains the information on the date, time and place that you have created yourself. (Note, the posting must be a hi-res 1600x1200 px  or 1200X1600 px image.  Refer to “How do I create a hi-res image for details on how to create your image.)
• Submit the posting and select a default graphic to be used for displaying the date, time and place of your event.

• Go to:
• On the toolbar, click on Submit A Flyer

 Submit a flyer



• Sign in using your career account login name and password
• Click on the box just below “Select Categories”.
• From the drop down box, click on the checkbox alongside the subject category or categories you would like your posting to appear in. Select a MAXIMUM of THREE categories.

Folder listing

• If you would like to have your posting to also appear on the University Calendar, perform the same action using the box below the “Choose a University Calendar”.  THIS IS OPTIONAL.  Your event must have a location and time in order to be considered for publication to the calendar. Do not submit course listings to the University Calendar.
• After making your selection(s), click in the Title box and enter a title for your posting.
• In the description box, enter details regarding your event.  Note, these will only be visible on the web and will NOT be carried forward to the flyer itself.  You are limited to 500 words.
• Enter the Event location information.
• Enter the date you would like the posting to appear.  Note, the publish date must be less than 30 days from the event start date.  You can still submit future postings to be displayed; however you will need to make sure that they are viewable with the 30 days from the event start date.
• Enter the Event Start date and time.
• Enter the Event End date and time.
• Select the flyer option.  If you have created your own graphic and want it to be used, click on “Upload your own flyer”.  You will be prompted to browse to the location of the graphic you want to use.

 Image requirements

• If you want to use a default flyer instead of creating one yourself, click on the “Pick a Default Flyer” button.  Then, from the display of available flyers, select the one you would like to use for your posting.
• If you would like to create a link from your flyer to a web page that includes more detail about your event, enter the link in the “Link” box.
• Click the Terms and Agreements checkbox
• Click Submit 

If I submitted an event to BoilerLink, do I need to submit it to PurdueBoard too?

No, you don’t.  All submissions to BoilerLink are brought forward to PurdueBoard automatically.  If you didn’t have a graphic on your submission to BoilerLink, a default graphic will be selected for you in PurdueBoard.


How do I create a hi-res flyer image?

There are many tools that can be used to create your image.  Below is an example of how to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  If you have examples of using other tools that you would like to share with others, please send an email to and include the instructions along with any screen shots you would like to include.

• Images must be in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .bmp format.
• Images must be sized to 1200 X 1600 pixels  or 1600 x 1200pixels or greater
• If you aren’t familiar with how to create a flyer image, select a default image in order to avoid any conflicts in format or size that are required for display on digital signage.


How do I subscribe to an RSS feed (opt-in) using Outlook?

RSS via Outlook

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed (opt-in) using Internet Explorer?

If you have downloaded the newest Internet Explorer 7 web browser, you can read the feed directly in the browser, scan for important stories and get a description of the content available in PurdueBoard or any other Purdue page with an RSS feed. The new version also allows you to subscribe to a feed with a single click, a process that is very similar to adding a web site Favorite and easier than using the older versions where you were required to download FeedReader in order to subscribe to a feed.
A. The site you're visiting must offer RSS feeds. Internet Explorer 7 will notify you of a site that offers RSS by illuminating (in red or orange) the RSS feed button on your toolbar.
B. From the list of folders down the left hand side of the screen, click the folder you are most interested in subscribing to.  That page will display a red/orange "Feeds" button you can subscribe to by clicking "Subscribe to this feed" in the upper part of the screen.
C. You can see all the updated content on this site by looking in the Feeds section of your Favorites Center each time you open Internet Explorer 7.
D. You will then be prompted to store your feed.  You can select the default location or select a new one.

RSS via IE7

E.  You may view all of your current/active feeds at any time in Internet Explorer by clicking on the star. 
How do I get rid of a feed I no longer want to receive?
In Internet Explorer 7, click on the gold star on your toolbar and a dropdown box will appear.  The dropdown box provides a list of all of your current feeds.  To delete one, just right click on the name of the feed and select delete.



How do I delete an RSS feed I no longer want to receive?

In Internet Explorer, click on the gold star on your toolbar and a dropdown box will appear.  The dropdown box provides a list of all of your current feeds.  To delete one, just right click on the name of the feed and select delete.


How do I subscribe via Twitter?

Every subject category has a Twitter feed. By clicking on the Twitter icon on the category page, you will be taken to Twitter automatically where you can opt to follow the folder you selected. You will then be requested to sign in to Twitter.

You can also follow PurdueBoard and get mobile message notification by texting the Twitter username below (without @ symbol) to phone number 40404

e.g. Follow PurdueBoard (send to 40404)

Subject Category Follow on Twitter
PurdueBoard (main Twitter account) @PurdueBoard
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Colleges and Schools

College of Agriculture

College of Education @PBoardEducation
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College of Pharmacy @PBoardPharmacy
College of Science @PBoardScience
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Krannert School of Management @PBoardKrannert
School of Veterinary Medicine @PBoardVetMed
The Graduate School @PBoardGraduates
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Weekly News @PBoardWeekly

How long will I have to wait until the message is distributed? 

Depending on the time of day your message is submitted, it could take 1 working day before you hear back from the group coordinator (content reviewer) that your message has been accepted and when it will be distributed.  All effort is made to get your message distributed in the quickest possible fashion.  Submissions made on the weekends or during university holidays will be reviewed on the first following working day.  Please make every effort to ensure that you are submitting your request to the appropriate area as this could delay your message being distributed.
Will I be notified if my message is not considered for distribution? 
Yes.  The group coordinator will notify you if your message was not approved.

Will I be notified if my message is not considered for distribution? 

Yes.  The group coordinator will notify you if your message was not approved.

PurdueBoard Policies

The policies for PurdueBoard are consistent with the Policy for Access and Use of Purdue’s Electronic Mail System (September 29, 1995) issued by the President of the University.

In addition, the use of PurdueBoard conforms to the non-discrimination policy as issued by the President of the University as outlined in Memorandum D-1 dated December 31, 2002 (Supersedes Executive Memorandum No. D-1, dated January 8, 2001).  See:
All Purdue University policies applying to student confidentiality, including FERPA, HIPAA and GLBA also apply:

Appropriate Use Described

The University provides electronic mail facilities to support its instructional, research, and service activities and associated administrative functions.  In general, policies and regulations that apply to other forms of communications at the University also apply to the PurdueBoard system. The system will be used only for purposes that respect the image, reputation and legal obligations of Purdue University.  Any recipient or user of this system whose actions violate this policy, or any other University policy or regulation, may be subject to limitations or elimination of privileges as well as other disciplinary actions. 

Schools, departments and organizations that wish to use the system to communicate with students need to be cognizant of the relevance of the message to their targeted group.  The sender needs to consider their target audience carefully.  If messages are deemed to be inappropriate, they will be rejected for posting and returned to the sender explaining why the message was rejected.  Messages that sent to the wrong area can be rerouted to another area or returned to the sender requesting they forward the posting to the appropriate area.  Decisions on postings must be viewpoint neutral.  A posting will not be denied because the data content reviewer does not agree with the posting request message.  Additionally, postings should conform to the university non-discrimination procedures.

The following types of information will not be approved for posting:

  1. Sales of any type (including garage sales, automobiles, textbooks, etc.) 
  2. Student surveys which collect personally identifiable information about students. Surveys intended to lead to a presentation or publication must obtain approval by the Committee on the Use of Human Research Subjects in advance and documentation of such approval must be provided to the Content Reviewer prior to approval.
  3. Postings that harass or intimidate an individual or group, or that in any way violate university non-discrimination regulations.

Sanctions for misuse

  1. Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by Purdue University student areas to the Office of the Dean of Students for appropriate action. 
  2. Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by non-University staff to Student Academic Affairs for appropriate action. 
  3. Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by faculty to the Office of the Provost for appropriate action. 
  4. Refer any instances of abuse of the PurdueBoard System by staff (other than faculty) to the Director of Human Resource Services.