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Letter from Patricia Hart to President Daniels transmitting final report of security feedback panel

April 29, 2014

To: President Mitchell E Daniels Jr.
From: Patricia Hart, chair, ad hoc panel to evaluate security feedback

Dear President Daniels,

I am honored to share with you the final report from the Ad Hoc Panel to Evaluate Security Feedback.  This report provides a summary of the work of our 18-person panel as we followed our charge to examine all feedback received in the days and weeks after the tragic event of Jan. 21 that took the life of Andrew Boldt.

The university received hundreds of emails, letters and phone calls about the events and our panel read each and every comment. Of particular note, 177 people wrote especially to commend the first responders. We also received many thoughtful and helpful suggestions.

I’d like to highlight a few findings of interest:

  • One of the most frequently received responses concerned locks on doors. The panel takes this topic very seriously and recommends additional work be done to formally develop a strategy and understand all the pertinent details, including fire code requirements, ADA compliance and practical considerations for implementation of a final plan.
  • Training, education and preparedness are essential. What we found is that we have professionals on this campus who are working every hour of every day to keep us safe. There is training and education, there are detailed procedures, and we all need to take responsibility to attend training, to learn and know how to respond and to act accordingly in any emergency situation.
  • The event of Jan. 21 was a terrible tragedy on our campus and it caused us to stop for sober reflection and assessment of our normally safe community. The incident that prompted our evaluation was a case where one person targeted another and committed a vicious murder. None of the suggestions we received about sirens, text messages or door locks would have changed that.

I am proud to have led this panel, which took such pride and care in its work. And I’m pleased to provide this report, an assessment of the feedback that can be used for future evaluation and implementation.

I am hopeful our entire community will learn from what we’ve prepared.