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Digital Measures at Purdue

What is Activity Insight? 

Like many of our peer and CIC institutions, Purdue is implementing Activity Insight from Digital Measures, software designed to organize, manage, and report on faculty activities and CV data. Beverly Davenport Sypher, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs led a committee to review a variety of options and approaches to manage faculty activities data. Digital Measures was chosen for its prominence and product capabilities. "With over 2000 institutions taking this step to obtain better understanding and organization of faculty activities, Purdue will benefit from fewer requests of faculty for this type of information, gain new insight into research, teaching, and service efforts, and improve reporting at all levels of the academic enterprise. The goal is to reduce the administrative burden of managing faculty activity data".

Leading the implementation effort is Steve Hare, Sr. Academic Data Officer in the Office of the Provost. He is responsible for working with the colleges at various levels to support the CV data capture, management, and reporting within the Digital Measures product. "We have employed students and temporary staff members to enter CV data into the Digital Measures database screens. Training materials and help sessions are being developed for faculty and their designees to learn to use Digital Measures to manage their accomplishments and academic efforts.” 

With the project underway, deans, department heads, and faculty groups are being contacted to provide them with additional information regarding progress, support, and training. To learn more about Purdue's Digital Measures effort, visit our Purdue web page at www.purdue.edu/provost/DigitalMeasures or to learn more about the Digital Measures product, see http://www.digitalmeasures.com/faculty-activity-reporting-software/.

Project Status - 02/19/14

  • Over 1200 faculty CVs have been entered into Digital Measures with eight colleges nearing completion.

  • Scheduled Teaching data from Banner and Sponsored Research data from COEUS are up-to-date.

  • Publication data can now be loaded in BibTeX format from a variety of repository sources (Google Scholar, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, etc.) as well as many reference manager software packages (EndNote, RefMan, Zotero, etc.).

  • Many departments now have their Digital Measures accounts enabled for review and testing.

  • NSF/NIH/DOD biosketches are available and USDA reporting are currently under testing.

  • Three departments are participating in a pilot this semester to use Digital Measures for last year’s annual activities reporting.
  • Digital Measures data is being extracted “real-time” in a pilot project for faculty profiles on a departmental web site.
  • Digital Measures students are continuing to enter updated CVs and last year’s annual activities reports.  Please contact us if your department has updated materials for data entry into Digital Measures.

Contact Information

Steve Hare 
Email: hare@purdue.edu
Phone: 765-494-7820