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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where do I go to login to Digital Measures?

First, your department’s faculty accounts must be enabled for you to access DM.  This account activation occurs once we have your department’s CVs entered and your department head is ready to begin using DM.  Once a department is enabled, simply go to www.digitalmeasures.com/login/purdue/faculty and use your Purdue career account credentials on the Purdue authentication screen.

2) How much CV entry is being pre-loaded on my behalf by your Digital Measures student and temporary staff?

We are attempting to enter your entire CV initially with the exception of publications earlier than 2007.  This is simply due to the total volume of intellectual contributions for the entire Purdue faculty.  Over time we will continue to assist with data entry of older publications, but our initial focus is 2007 and newer.  Research and Scheduled Teaching data is being uploaded to Digital Measures from the COEUS and Banner databases, respectively.

3) How do I obtain help or a training session?

Simply contact the campus administrator, Steve Hare at hare@purdue.edu and we’ll provide you or a group of faculty a 30-minute overview of the software and its capabilities.  There are also various DM videos and materials online.