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Timothy D. Sands PhD

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Timothy D. Sands has served as executive vice president for academic affairs and provost of Purdue University since April 2010.  Dr. Sands was acting president from June 2012 - January 2013, prior to Mitch Daniels becoming the 12th president of Purdue.  In his role as acting president, Dr. Sands was responsible for leading Purdue's West Lafayette and regional campuses.

As executive vice president and provost, Dr. Sands is responsible for all of Purdue's colleges and schools and related academic activities in coordination with the Office of the President. The provost also oversees libraries, cultural centers, and enrollment management including admissions, registrar, and financial aid and various student success programs in addition to the appointment and retention of faculty and academic staff.

Dr. Sands earned a bachelor's degree with highest honors in engineering physics and a master's degree and doctorate in materials science from the University of California-Berkeley. He joined the Purdue faculty in 2002 as the Basil S. Turner Professor of Engineering in the schools of materials engineering and electrical and computer engineering. Prior to becoming provost, he served as the Mary Jo and Robert L. Kirk Director of the Birck Nanotechnology Center in Purdue's Discovery Park. From 1993-2002, Sands was a professor of materials science and engineering at the University of California-Berkeley and before that, he performed research and directed research groups at Bellcore, a New Jersey-based research company now known as Telcordia  .


B.S. with Highest Honors in Engineering Physics, UC Berkeley, 1980
M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley, 1981
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley, 1984


Current research areas include solid-state lighting, thermoelectric cooling, thermionic and thermoelectric approaches to direct electrical power generation, nanoelectronics, and macroelectronics. Major themes include laser processing (deposition, etching, bonding and layer transfer), heteroepitaxy, nitride nanostructures, nanostructured solid-state energy conversion devices, and electrochemical synthesis of self-organized nanostructures.


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T. Sands, J. Washburn and R. Gronsky, "Interface Morphology and Phase Distribution in the Cu2-xS/CdS Heterojunction: A Transmission Electron Microscope Investigation," Solar Energy Materials 10(1984) 349; (LBL-17677).

D. K. Sadana, T. Sands and J. Washburn, "High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy Study of Se+-Implanted and Annealed GaAs: Mechanisms of Amorphization and Recrystallization," Appl. Phys. Lett. 44 (1984) 623; (LBL-17267).

T. Sands, D. K. Sadana, R. Gronsky and J. Washburn, "High Resolution Structural Characterization of the Amorphous-Crystalline Interface in Se+-Implanted GaAs," Appl. Phys. Lett. 44 (1984) 874; (LBL-17035).

T. Sands, J. Washburn, R. Gronsky, W. Maszara, D.K. Sadana and G. A. Rozgonyi, "Near-Surface Defects Formed during Rapid Thermal Annealing of Preamorphized and BF2
+-Implanted Silicon," Appl. Phys. Lett. 45 (1984) 982; (LBL-18000).

M. F. Zhu, I. Suni, M-A. Nicolet and T. Sands, "Reaction of amorphous Ni-W and Ni-N-W Films with Substrate Silicon," J. Appl. Phys. 56(1984) 2740.

T. Sands, J. Washburn and R. Gronsky, "Crystallographic Relationships between GaAs, As and Ga2O3at the GaAs-Thermal Oxide Interface," Materials Lett. 3(1985) 247; (LBL-18636).



A. J. Yu, G. J. Galvin, J. W. Mayer, C. J. Palmstrøm, T. Sands and C. C. Chang, "Thin Film Reactions of Cobalt and GaAs," presented by A. J. Yu at the 1986 Spring Meeting of the Mater. Res. Soc., Palo Alto, CA, April 1986.

E. D. Marshall, B. Zhang, L. C. Wang, F. Fang, S. S. Lau, T. Sands, A. S. Kaplan and T. F. Kuech, "SolidPhase Reactions in the Ge/Pd/GaAs and Si/Pd/GaAs Systems for Planar Ohmic Contacts to n-GaAs," presented by E. D. Marshall at the 171st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Philadelphia, PA, May 1987.

T. Sands and V. G. Keramidas, "A Comparative Study of the Ni/GaAs and Ni/InP Reactions," presented at the 171st Meeting of the Electrochemical Society,Philadelphia, PA, May 1987


Contact Information

Phone: (765) 494-6835
Email: tsands@purdue.edu
Office: Hovde Hall, Room 100
          610 Purdue Mall
          West lafayette, IN 47907-2040