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Clerical and Administrative Assistants Mentoring Program (CAAMP)

CAAMP attendees taking advantage of pertinent information at a workshop. (Purdue University photo/Andrew Hancock)

The Clerical and Administrative Assistants Mentoring Program (CAAMP) offers Purdue support staff access to resources, techniques, and learning opportunities in professional development, emerging technologies, leadership development and networking. Our goal is to foster a culture of high performance by retaining, developing and supporting our diverse community of support staff.  Our learning opportunities are designed to increase efficiency, effectiveness and motivate support staff to perform to their full potential.  Please see our list (below) of development opportunities for support staff.

The flagship of the CAAMP initiative is our mentoring program. The program provides a supportive environment in which academic support staff members can chose coaching from one of four areas as they plan their professional development and career paths at Purdue. Experienced academic support staff, proficient in one of the four areas, serve as mentors, coaching support staff participants to meet their objectives.

Download a copy of the CAAMP mentoring program brochure here 

Register for the CAAMP mentoring program orientation here

Additional CAAMP development opportunities 

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