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Applicant Information
Proposed Study
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Will office or laboratory space in the host unit be provided?

Required Documents

The following documents are required and must be uploaded in the appropriate spaces below:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Plan of Study (see guidelines for required information)
  • Letters of support from department head and host faculty member


Letters of support from department heads must indicate that a successful applicant will be given release time from teaching for the approved period of study. Successful applicants are expected to retain office and lab space in their home departments as well as all services and privileges of their faculty status.

You understand your obligation to maintain your faculty duties at Purdue University for at least one year after the completion of your Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline. In the event that you leave Purdue in less than a year following your Fellowship you agree to reimburse Purdue University for all expenses incurred during your participation in the program, including salary, benefits, and the stipend associate with the fellowship. Please indicate below your agreement to maintain your normal faculty duties.

Do you agree to these terms?


Document size limits - 250 KB each.