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CLASSES OF 1944 AND 1945 

Purdue is committed to recognizing and fostering the very best classroom teaching possible.  Therefore, it is imperative that we provide mechanisms for faculty to continually develop teaching skills that will enhance student learning.  Faculty arrive with disciplinary training of the highest caliber but sometimes lack systematic and rigorous instruction in ways to facilitate learning by diverse student populations.

The Classes of 1944 and 1945 have provided resources to establish a Teaching for Tomorrow Award to foster continued excellence of teaching and learning on our campus, and to facilitate the development of the teaching potential of the faculty.  Annually, these awards will recognize the demonstrated talents for teaching of up to fifteen assistant professors or recently promoted associate professors (TfT Fellows), and they will recognize up to three senior faculty for their long-term contributions to teaching at the University

To capitalize on the skills of senior faculty, the University will select up to three of our “best teachers” to serve as resource persons to the assistant professors selected for the program.  Senior faculty are expected to develop and participate in a year-long program that will enhance the learning interest of the junior faculty that have been selected to participate in the program.  The senior faculty will work closely with the TfT Fellows for the purpose of enhancing their teaching proficiency in areas that may include, but not limited to, adjusting teaching modes to class size, student readiness and learning styles, subject matter, cultural diversity, course objectives, overall goals of the course, experiential service learning and more.  Those selected for the program may even choose to visit each others classes and discuss ways to improve the pedagogy being used.   Regardless of the program that is put in place by the senior and junior faculty the goal should be to enhance the learning potential for students across campus.

For participation in the program, the resource faculty and the TfT Fellows will be provided professional development funds to be used for any purpose that enhances their skills as a teacher-scholar. It is expected that the faculty teams will meet a minimum of once a month during the academic year to advance their teaching and learning philosophies.  The senior faculty will be asked to provide regular updates to the Office of the Provost as to their progress toward self-established goals and objectives.  A scholarly output of the faculty teams is highly encouraged as a capstone project for the program. 

The intended outcomes of this enrichment program are:  Purdue students will benefit from improved learning environments; faculty will enhance their teaching through the use of a broader repertoire that matches learner needs; participants will develop a network of faculty committed to quality instruction; participants will form a strong nucleus for enhancing undergraduate teaching at Purdue; academic departments will receive increased input on their teaching programs.

Each school/college is invited to nominate one  to four assistant professors (or recently promoted associate professors) depending on the number of teaching faculty in the school (see table below) and one senior faculty member.  From these nominees, up to fifteen assistant professors and three senior faculty will be selected for the program.  The senior faculty will serve as team leaders.  Assistant professors who are nominated should have demonstrated potential as teachers and senior faculty should have been recognized previously at the School or University level for their teaching excellence.

Each Teaching for Tomorrow (TfT) Fellow selected will receive $1,500 in professional development funds for use in enhancing his/her teaching program.  Senior faculty, as team leaders, will receive $2,500 in faculty development funds and their respective departments will receive $2,500 to help offset release time for the senior faculty team leader to work with the program.

 Each faculty nominee (junior and senior) is asked to provide a one page statement of why they would like to be part of this program and a two page vitae that includes courses taught.  The one page statement should include a paragraph outlining the nominee’s teaching strengths. Faculty nominees will be selected within each school/college and forwarded electronically through the dean to the Office of the Provost (mdawson@purdue.edu), by April 4, 2014.  Announcements of award recipients will be made in late April 2014.  The program will begin August 2014 and end May 2015.  Selection will be done by a committee of faculty and administrators.  Every effort will be made to establish cohort groups that have a potential for maximum interaction.


Number of Nominees

(All nominees must be tenure-track or clinical faculty)


  1. One senior faculty member from each school/college.
  2. Assistant professors (or recently promoted associate professors).  On the basis of estimated faculty involvement in teaching, the permissible number of nominees from each school/college will be:


                          One   (1)     Libraries

                          Two   (2)    Health and Human Sciences

                          Two   (2)    Education

                          Two   (2)    Management

                          Two   (2)    Pharmacy

                          Two   (2)    Veterinary Medicine

                          Two   (2)    Agriculture

                        Three   (3)    Technology

                         Four   (4)    Engineering

                         Four   (4)    Liberal Arts

                         Four   (4)    Science



CLASSES OF 1944 AND 1945




In an effort to revitalize and advance the Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship Awards Program, the Office of the Provost is pleased to introduce the “Teaching for Tomorrow Advancement Fellowship Awards Program”.  The Program provides funding for the equivalent of one course release for a previous TfT fellow, allowing the faculty member to commit their time to expanding the TfT program beyond its current scope. 

Two fellowships will be awarded this year, one to a faculty member who was previously a senior fellow, and another to a previous junior fellow.  The awards will support revision of the TfT program, as the faculty work to expand the long-term impact of the program and to measure the success of its intended goals.

Applicants should submit a 1-2 page narrative describing their vision for the future of Teaching for Tomorrow, including suggestions for measuring the utility and value of the initiative.  Applicants should clearly identify that they are applying for the “Advancement Fellowship Awards Program” and submit their application to the Office of the Provost (mdawson@purdue.edu). 

Successful applicants will be notified by May 1st, 2014.  They will be asked to meet with representatives from the Office of the Provost before the end of May to discuss their plan and implementation timeline.