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Book of Great Teachers -2003 Additions

Dulcy M. Abraham, Civil Engineering
Jay T. Akridge, Agricultural Economics
David J. Asai, Biological Sciences
Ann W. Astell, English
Bharat Bhargava, Computer Sciences
Keith J. Bowman, Materials Engineering
Karl G. Brandt, Biochemistry
Carl G. Braunlich, Hospitality and Tourism Management
William R. Chaney, Forestry and Natural Resources
W. Nicholas Delgass, Chemical Engineering
Dennis R. Depew, Industrial Technology
Nicholas J. Giordano, Physics
James E. Goldman, Computer Technology
Elizabeth Grauerholz, Sociology
John G. Graveel, Agronomy
Stephen G. Green, Management
Robert J. Herrick, Electrical Engineering Technology
R. Neal Houze, Chemical Engineering
Leah H. Jamieson, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert J. Joly, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
James D. Jones, Mechanical Engineering
John T. Kirby, Foreign Languages and Literature
Jane M. Kirkpatrick, Nursing
Robert P. Lamb, English
Bruce I. Lazarus, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Denver W. Lopp, Aviation Technology
James H. McKee, English
Alastair M. Morrison, Hospitality and Tourism Management
Michael A. Morrison, History
James S. Nairne, Psychological Sciences
Joann J. Otto, Biological Sciences
Nicholas K. Rauh, History
Randy W. Roberts, History
Merrill Ross, Botany and Plant Pathology
Margaret Moan Rowe, English
Mark A. Russell, Animal Sciences
S. Kathleen Salisbury, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Ian P. Shipsey, Physics
Robert W. Sovinski, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Eugene H. Spafford, Computer Sciences
Matthew P. Stephens, Industrial Technology
C. Douglas Sutton, Civil Engineering