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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential benefits of a trimester plan?

The rationale for switching to a trimester academic calendar includes more flexibility for students, faculty and staff, a greater utilization of university facilities, and a strengthened local economy.

Is the trimester plan a certainty?

No, it is a question that we need to study. Our planning will be a slow, deliberate process so we have time to make discoveries and make determinations about the pros and cons of considering trimesters.

When will a decision be made?

If we can build summer credit hours to 70% of the fall credit hours, we will switch to trimesters. The best guess at this time is it would be around 2020.

Who will decide?

The Board of Trustees support the concept. The faculty has control over the curriculum and the academic calendar. Practically speaking the University Senate will make the decision.

Who is involved in the investigation process? Is there a public comment phase?

The entire campus, students, faculty, and staff will be involved in an open discussion of the summer question.