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Pamela Aaltonen, Nursing

Dulcy M. Abraham, Civil Engineering

James L. Ahlrichs, Agronomy

Jay T. Akridge, Agricultural Economics

Victor Lincoln Albjerg, History

Durward L. Allen, Wildlife Ecology

Emily L. Allen, English

Harold T. Amrine, Industrial Engineering

Fred Andrews, Animal Sciences

Anthony A. Annarino, Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies

David J. Asai, Biological Sciences

Ann W. Astell, English

Mihail J. Atallah, Computer Sciences

Larry E. Axel, Philosophy

Bernard Axelrod, Biochemistry

James W. Barany, Industrial Engineering

Gregory D. Barnes, Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Richard H. Barnett, Electrical Engineering Technology

Harry Beevers, Biological Sciences

Lowell W. Beineke, Mathematical Sciences

Steven R. Bell, Mathematics

Robert Benkeser, Chemistry

Anna W. Berkovitz, Biological Sciences

Bharat Bhargava, Computer Sciences

Robert "Pete" L. Bill, Basic Medical Sciences

George M. Bodner, Chemistry

Lawrence P. Bohl, Agricultural Economics

Keith J. Bowman, Materials Engineering

Charles Bracker, Botany and Plant Pathology

Karl G. Brandt, Biochemistry

Carl G. Braunlich, Hospitality and Tourism Management

John Bray, Materials Engineering

Zinaida Breschinsky, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Becky A. Brown, Foreign Languages & Literatures

Eli F. Brown, English Literature and Drawing

Herbert C. Brown, Chemistry

Johnny E. Brown, Mathematics

Elmer F. Bruhn, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

William D. Buffington, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Larry Butler, Biochemistry

Earl Butz, Agricultural Economics

Thomas Q. Carney, Aviation Technology

Robert K. Chalmers, Pharmacy

William R. Chaney, Forestry and Natural Resources

J. Alfred Chiscon, Biological Sciences

Martha O. Chiscon, Biological Sciences

John E. Christian, Pharmacy

Margaret Church, English

Rosalee A. Clawson, Political Science

Franklyn M. Clikeman, Nuclear Engineering

Eric L. Clitheroe, Philosophy

Steven H. Collicott, Aeronautics & Astronautics

Douglas E. Comer, Computer Sciences

John J. Contreni, History

Ronald Coolbaugh, Botany & Plant Pathology

Arnold C. Cooper, Management

Stanley Coulter, Biological Sciences

Merle D. Cunningham, Animal Sciences

Gustav E. Cwalina, Pharmacy

Supriyo Datta, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Derek A. Davenport, Chemistry

W. Nicholas Delgass, Chemical Engineering

Dennis R. Depew, Industrial Technology

Alfred DeVito, Education

William Dolch, Civil Engineering

W. David Downey, Agricultural Economics

H. E. Dunsmore, Computer Sciences

Steven P. Erickson, Agricultural Economics

James A. Estey, Economics

Harrison L. Flint, Horticulture

Michael Forman, Biological Sciences

John T. Fotos, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Robert W. Fox, Mechanical Engineering

Greg N. Frederickson, Computer Science

J. T. Frost, Animal Sciences

William Fuller, Mathematics

Mary E. Fuqua, Foods and Nutrition

Nancy Gabin, History

Alan Garfinkel, Education

John T. Gaunt, Civil Engineering

LaNelle Geddes, Nursing

Leslie Geddes, Biomedical Engineering

Mark P. Gibney, Political Science

Lillian M. Gilbreth, Industrial Engineering

Nicholas J. Giordano, Physics

Casper Goffman, Mathematics

Michael J. Golden, Practical Mechanics

James E. Goldman, Computer Technology

Michael Golomb, Mathematics

W. F. M. Goss, Engineering

Robert J. Graf Jr., History

Elizabeth Grauerholz, Sociology

John G. Graveel, Agronomy

Stephen G. Green, Management

Glenn Griffin, English

Eckhard A. Groll, Mechanical Engineering

Larry W. Gross, Aviation Technology

W. A. Gustafson, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Martin Gutzwiller, Civil Engineering

Susanne E. Hambrusch, Computer Sciences

Jonathan M. Harbor, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Lowell Hardin, Agricultural Economics

C. Francis Harding, Electrical Engineering Technology

Earl R. Harlan, Communication

William Harper, Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies

Patricia Hart, Foreign Languages & Literatures

John W. Hatcher, - Management

George A. Hawkins, Mechanical Engineering

William H. Hayt Jr., Electrical and Computer Engineering

Stanley L. Hem, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy

Robert J. Herrick, Electrical Engineering Technology

John W. Hicks, Agricultural Economics

William A. Hiestand, Biological Sciences

Arvin R. Hilst, Agronomy

Edward J. Hinsman, Veterinary Medicine

Marilyn A. Hirth, Educational Studies

Charles F. Holleman, Aviation Technology

Billy E. Hooper, Veterinary Medicine

Carol J. Hopkins, Education

John S. Hougham, First Faculty Member and First Acting President

R. Neal Houze, Chemical Engineering

Kathleen C. Howell, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Glenn R. Hueckel, Management

Ann H. Hunt, Nursing

John Hussey, Botany, Horticulture, and "Kindred Subjects"

Frank P. Incropera, Mechanical Engineering

Abdelrachman Hafez Ismail, Health, Kinesiology, and Leisure Studies

James M. Jacob, Electrical Engineering Technology

Karen S. Jamesen, Foods and Nutrition

Leah H. Jamieson, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Glenn L. Jenkins, Pharmacy

Vivian A. Johnson, Physics

Robert J. Joly, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Hobart W. Jones, Animal Sciences

James D. Jones, Mechanical Engineering

John E. Kadlec, Agricultural Economics

Robert B. Kane, Education

John Karling, Biological Sciences

Christiane E. Keck, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Wayne Keim, Agronomy

Janice Kelly, Psychological Sciences

Clare B. Kenaga, Botany and Plant Pathology

John T. Kirby, Foreign Languages and Literature

Jane M. Kirkpatrick, Nursing

Henry E. Koffler, Molecular Biology

Kenneth Kofmehl, Political Science

Severino L. Koh, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

J. B. Kohlmeyer, Agricultural Economics

Richard L. Kohls, Agricultural Economics

Stephen Konieczny, Biological Sciences

Gerald H. Krockover, Curriculum and Instruction

Charles M. Krousgrill Jr., Mechanical Engineering

Gary W. Krutz, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Clifford P. Kubiak, Chemistry

Joseph M. La Lopa, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Christine M. Ladisch, Consumer and Family Sciences

Robert P. Lamb, English

Orville D. Lascoe, Industrial Engineering

Janice M. Lauer, English

Benjamin R. Lawton, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Bruce I. Lazarus, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Charles O. Lee, Pharmacy

Robert H. Lee, Civil Engineering

James D. Lehman, Education

Clayton D. Lein, English

Carole Lembi, Botany and Plant Pathology

Ronald P. Lemenager, Animal Sciences

Bevan B. Lewis, Civil Engineering

John C. Lindenlaub, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert L. Livingston, Chemistry

James M. Longuski, Aeronautics & Astronautics

Denver W. Lopp, Aviation Technology

G. Marc Loudon, Pharmacy

Paul S. Lykoudis, Nuclear Engineering

Gerald J. Lynch, Economics

Fred E. Lytle, Chemistry

Frank Martin, Chemistry

Mary Lockwood Matthews, Home Economics

Jill P. May, Education

Robert E. May, History

George H. Mayer, History

Richard W. McDowell, Industrial Engineering

Murial McFarland, Home Economics

William W. McFee, Agronomy

Reece J. McGee, Sociology

James H. McKee, English

William P. McLauchlan, Political Science

Robert Melson, Political Science

David G. Meyer, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert D. Miles, Civil Engineering

Craig L. Miller, Computer Graphics Technology

Dennis J. Minchella, Biological Sciences

James L. Mohler, Computer Graphics Technology

Donald J. Molnar, Horticulture

Edwin J. Monke, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

David S. Moore, Statistics

William B. Morgan, Mathematics and Engineering

Alastair M. Morrison, Hospitality and Tourism Management

Michael A. Morrison, History

Gordon R. Mork, History

Issam Mudawar, Mechanical Engineering

Charles B. Murphy, History

Margaret Murphy, Home Economics

James S. Nairne, Psychological Sciences

Mary B. Nakhleh, Chemistry, Curriculum & Instruction

Mary Alice Nebold, Consumer and Family Sciences

Van E. Neie, Physics

Gerold W. Neudeck, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Timothy J. Newby, Curriculum & Instruction

Ralph Nicholson, Botany and Plant Pathology

Shimon Y. Nof, Industrial Engineering

J. Douglas Noll, Audiology and Speech Sciences

William C. Oakes, Engineering Education

Dale Oderman, Aviation Technology

Christian Y. Oseto, Entomology

Karl O. Ott, Nuclear Engineering

Joann J. Otto, Biological Sciences

Don Paarlberg, Agricultural Economics

Edwin H. Page, Veterinary Medicine

William J. Palmer, English

Fred Patterson, Agronomy

Paul C. Pecknold, Botany & Plant Pathology

Sidney L. Pellissier, Foreign Languages and Literatures

Jerry L. Peters, Education

Donald A. Petrin, Aviation Technology

Robert F. Pierret, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Nicholas G. Popovich, Pharmacy

J. H. Porsch, Geometry

Samuel N. Postlethwait, Biology

A. A. Potter, Engineering

Justin J. Price, Mathematics

Richard S. Rand, Rueff Department Visual and Performing Arts

Nicholas K. Rauh, History

Charles W. Rezek, Mechanical Engineering

John R. Rice, Computer Sciences

Randy W. Roberts, History

David Rollock, Psychological Sciences

Merrill Ross, Botany and Plant Pathology

John Rousselle, Hospitality & Tourism Management

Margaret Moan Rowe, English

James D. Russell, Education

Mark A. Russell, Animal Sciences

Raymond Ryder, Education

Mary A. Sadowski, Technical Graphics

S. Kathleen Salisbury, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

David A. Santogrossi, Psychological Sciences

Phillip Scaletta, Management

Calvin O. Schrag, Philosophy

Lee E. Schweitzer, Agronomy

Louis M. Sears, History

Stanley M. Shaw, Nuclear Pharmacy

Ian P. Shipsey, Physics

Abraham C. Shortridge, Second President

J. M. Smith, Chemical Engineering

Harry L. Solberg, Mechanical Engineering

Robert W. Sovinski, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Eugene H. Spafford, Computer Sciences

Glen J. Sperandio, Pharmacy

George R. Spratto, Pharmacology

Douglas Sprenkle, Child Development & Family Studies

Robert G. Squires, Chemical Engineering

M. D. Steer, Audiology and Speech Sciences

Felix N. Stefanile, English

Matthew P. Stephens, Industrial Technology

Charles J. Stewart, Communication

Martin Stob, Animal Sciences

Cynthia Stohl, Communication

John E. Stump, Veterinary Medicine

A. Charlene Sullivan, Management

C. T. Sun, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

C. Douglas Sutton, Civil Engineering

Bernard Y. Tao, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Harry Targ, Political Science

Robert W. Taylor, Agricultural Economics

Jon C. Teaford, History

Richard K. Thomas, Rueff Department Visual and Performing Arts

William P. Turner, Practical Mechanics

F. Thomas Turpin, Entomology

John Umbeck, Economics

Gladys Vail, Foods and Nutrition

George E. Van Scoyoc, Agronomy

Joseph W. Vanable, Biological Sciences

David VanSickle, Veterinary Medicine

John F. Van Vleet, Comparative Pathobiology

H. Gerald Venemann, Mechanical Engineering

James J. Vorst, Agronomy

Isidor Walerstein, Physics

Phillip C. Wankat, Chemical Engineering

Harold H. Watts, English

Susan Watts, Management

Connie M. Weaver, Foods and Nutrition

Ralph Webb, Communication

Harmon P. Weeks, Jr., Forestry & Natural Resources

Dennis J. Weidenaar, Management

Emanuel T. Weiler, Management

Irwin H. Weiser, English

Jeff Whitten, Computer Technology

Ronnie Wilbur, Audiology and Speech Sciences

Harvey Washington Wiley, Chemistry

Jay W. Wiley, Management

G. Thomas Wilson, Pharmacy

Jim Windle, Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Joseph Wolinsky, Chemistry

Gerhard N. Wollan, Mathematics

Carolyn Woo, Management

Olivia Bennett Wood, Foods and Nutrition

Harold D. Woodman, History

George S. Wykoff, English

Henry T. Yang, - Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

Karen S. Yehle, Nursing

Alan C. York, Entomology

G. A. Young, Mechanical Engineering

Gordon D. Young, History

Neil J. Zimmerman, Health Sciences

Robert E. Zink, Mathematics

Maurice J. Zucrow, Mechanical Engineering