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This award is the University's highest undergraduate teaching honor.  Below are the recipients of this award. Prior to 1987, the award was sponsored by the Amoco Foundation.

murphy teaching award 2012-13The recipients of the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Teaching Award 2012-13: (front row, left to right) Marcy Towns, Mariko Wei, with Chantal Levesque-Bristol and Tim Sands. (back row, left to right) Fred Mannering, Eric Barker, George Hollich with David Nelson.
(Recipient Peter Hollenbeck was unable to attend)  


  • Eric Barker, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
  • Peter Hollenbeck, Biological Sciences
  • George Hollich, Psychological Sciences
  • Fred Mannering, Civil Engineering
  • Marcy Towns, Chemistry
  • Mariko Wei, Japanese and Linguistics


  • Dor Ben-Amotz, Chemistry
  • Brad Benhart, Building Construction
  • Teresa Taber Doughty, Educational Studies
  • Nancy Gabin, History
  • Michael Melloch, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • David Rollock, Psychological Studies


  • John Dunning, Jr., Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Joel Ebarb, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Cliff Fisher, Management
  • Jeffrey Karpicke, Psychological Sciences
  • John Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Sciences


  • Josh Boyd, Communication
  • Jean Chmielewski, Chemistry
  • Keith Dickson, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Dimitrios Peroulis, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Paul Siciliano, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


  • Pamela Aaltonen, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Frank Dooley, Professor of Agricultural Economics
  • Sarah Templin, Clinical Instructor of Educational Studies
  • Ralph Webb, Professor of Communication 


  • Ximena B. Arriaga, Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences
  • Robert (Pete) L. Bill, Professor of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Becky A. Brown, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Patricia G. Coyle-Rogers, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Linda L. Naimi, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership and Supervision
  • Christine A. Wilson, Associate Professor of Agriculture Economics


  • Patricia Hart, Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Christine A. Hrycyna, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Robert E. May, Professor of History
  • Timothy J. Newby, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Richard K. Thomas, Professor of Theatre
  • Karen S. Yehle, Clinical Associate Professor of Nursing


  • Steven R. Bell, Professor of Mathematics
  • Kirby D. Hayes, Assistant Professor of Food Science
  • Mary B. Nakhleh, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Curriculum and Instruction
  • Bernard Y. Tao, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
  • Kim Wilson, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture


  • Janet M. Alsup, Assistant Professor of English
  • Eckhard A. Groll, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Stanley L. Hem, Professor of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy
  • Christian Y. Oseto, Professor of Entomology
  • Donald A. Petrin, Associate Professor of Aviation Technology
  • Richard S. Rand, Professor of Visual and Performing Arts


  • Douglas Adams, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kristina Bross, English
  • Janice Kelly, Psychological Sciences
  • Stephen Konieczny, Biological Sciences
  • Dale Oderman, Aviation Technology
  • Susan Watts, Management


  • Karl G. Brandt, Biochemistry
  • W. Nicholas Delgass, Chemical Engineering
  • Nicholas Giordano, Physics
  • John T. Kirby, Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Denver Lopp, Aviation Technology


  • Emily L. Allen, English
  • Rosalee A. Clawson, Political Science
  • R. Neal Houze, Chemical Engineering
  • James L. Mohler, Computer Graphics Technology
  • William C. Oakes, Freshman Engineering
  • Mark A. Russell, Animal Sciences


  • William R. Chaney, Forestry and Natural Resources
  • James S. Nairne, Psychological Sciences
  • Joann J. Otto, Biological Sciences
  • Eugene H. Spafford, Computer Sciences
  • C. Douglas Sutton, Civil Engineering


  • J. Asai, Biology
  • John G. Graveel, Agronomy
  • Jonathan M. Harbor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
  • Joseph M. La Lopa, Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management
  • Robert W. Sovinski, Landscape Architecture


  • Sandra K. Abell, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Johnny E. Brown, Mathematics
  • James D. Jones, Mechanical Engineering
  • G. Marc Loudon, Medicinal Chemistry
  • William J. Palmer, English


  • Elizabeth Grauerholz, Sociology
  • Robert Paul Lamb, English
  • Michael A. Morrison, History
  • Jason D. Papastavrou, Industrial Engineering
  • Ian P. Shipsey, Physics


  • Ann H. Hunt, Nursing
  • Issam Mudawar, Mechanical Engineering
  • Nicholas Kregotis Rauh, History
  • Mary A. Sadowski, Technical Graphics
  • Matthew P. Stephens, Industrial Technology


  • Jay T. Akridge, Agricultural Economics
  • Carl G. Braunlich, Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management
  • H.E. (Buster) Dunsmore, Computer Sciences
  • James E. Goldman, Computer Technology
  • Robert E. Zink, Mathematics


  • Keith J. Bowman, Material Engineering
  • Steven P. Erickson, Agricultural Economics
  • Robert J. Joly, Horticulture
  • Gary W. Krutz, Agricultural Engineering
  • Stanley M. Shaw, Nuclear Pharmacy


  • Anna Whitehouse Berkovitz, Biological Science
  • Franklyn M. Clikeman, Nuclear Engineering
  • MerleD. Cunningham, Animal Sciences
  • Charles M. Krousgrill, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
  • Neil J. Zimmerman, Health Sciences


  • Dan D. Budny, Freshmen Engineering
  • Robert J. Herrick, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Glenn R. Hueckel, Economics
  • Bruce I. Lazarus, Restaurant, Hotel, Institutional, and Tourism Management
  • Cynthia Stohl, Communication


  • Richard H. Barnett, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • John W. Hatcher, Management
  • Dennis J. Minchella, Biological Sciences
  • Charles J. Stewart, Communication
  • F. Thomas Turpin, Entymology


  • Arnold C. Cooper, Management
  • Ed Dubinsky, Mathematics and Education
  • Mark P. Gibney, Political Science
  • Randy W. Roberts, History
  • Joseph W. Vanable, Jr., Biological Science


  • Martha O. Chiscon, Biological Sciences
  • Gerald H. Krockover, Education and Geology
  • Clifford P. Kubiak, Chemistry
  • Alastair M. Morrison, Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management
  • James J. Vorst, Agronomy


  • James W. Barany, Industrial Engineering
  • Ronald P. Lemenager, Animal Sciences
  • Van E. Neie, Education and Physics
  • A. Charlene Sullivan, Management
  • G. Thomas Wilson, Pharmacy Practice


  • Clayton D. Lein, English
  • Donald J. Molnar, Horticulture
  • David A. Santogrossi, Psychological Sciences


  • Lee E. Schweitzer, Agronomy
  • Michael Forman, Biological Sciences
  • E. Marsella Smith, Nursing


  • Sidney L. Pellissier, French
  • Nicholas G. Popovich, Pharmacy Practice
  • Connie M. Weaver, Foods and Nutrition


  • Fred E. Lytle, Chemistry
  • David G. Meyer, Electrical Engineering
  • George E. Van Scoyoc, Agronomy


  • LaNelle E. Geddes, Nursing
  • Christiane E. Keck, German
  • Christine M. Ladisch, Consumer Sciences and Retailing


  • Edward J. Hinsman, Veterinary Anatomy
  • James M. Jacob, Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Gordon R. Mork, History


  • Gregory D. Barnes, Supervision
  • J. Alfred Chiscon, Biological Sciences
  • Hobart W. Jones, Animal Sciences


  • Larry E. Axel, Philosophy
  • George M. Bodner, Chemistry
  • Robert G. Squires, Chemical Engineering


  • Robert W. Taylor, Agricultural Economics
  • Jon C. Teaford, History
  • Olivia Bennett Wood, Foods and Nutrition


  • W. David Downey, Agricultural Economics
  • Harold H. Jaus, Education
  • John E. Stump, Veterinary Anatomy


  • Lawrence P. Bohl, Agricultural Economics
  • Orville D. Lascoe, Industrial Engineering
  • Benjamin R. Lawton, Italian
  • John E. Lovell, Administrative Sciences


  • James L. Ahlrichs, Agronomy
  • William H. Hayt, Jr., Electrical Engineering
  • David S. Moore, Statistics


  • Herbert J. Eagle, Russian
  • William R. Fuller, Mathematics
  • Edwin H. Page, Large Animal Clinics


  • Earl R. Harlan, Communication
  • Karen S. Jamesen, Foods and Nutrition
  • Emanuel T. Weiler, Management and Economics


  • George R. Spratto, Pharmacology
  • Dennis J. Weidenaar, Economic Education
  • Joseph Wolinsky, Chemistry


  • Mary Alice Nebold, Clothing and Textiles
  • Felix N. Stefanile, English
  • Vivian A. Johnson, Physics


  • Robert A. Benkeser, Chemistry
  • Alfred De Vito, Education
  • Phillip Scalletta, Business Law


  • Dwight G. Bennett, Jr., Veterinary Parasitology
  • Gerald T. Heydt, Electrical Engineering
  • Harold H. Watts, English


  • Derek A. Davenport, Chemistry
  • Felix V. Gagliano, Political Science
  • Samuel N. Postlethwait, Biology


  • Kenneth T. Kofmehl, Political Science
  • Robert H. Lee, Civil Engineering
  • Don Paarlberg, Agricultural Economics
  • Calvin O. Schrag, Philosophy
  • Isador Walerstein, Physics


  • Robert K. Chalmers, Pharmacology
  • Arvin R. Hilst, Agronomy
  • Robert L. Livingston, Chemistry
  • Thomas R. Nunn, English - North Central
  • Charles W. Rezek, Mechanical Engineering
  • Herman W. Stoelk, Mechanical Engineering Technology - IUPUI


  • Eric L. Clitheroe, Philosophy
  • Robert W. Fox, Mechanical Engineering
  • Mary E. Fuqua, Foods and Nutrition
  • William H. Gass, Philosophy
  • Severino L. Koh, Aeronautics, Astronautics, and Engineering Science
  • Richard L. Kohls, Agricultural Economics