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This award is provided by the Classes of 1944 and 1945 in order to foster continued excellence in teaching and learning on our campus and to facilitate the development of the teaching potential of the faculty. Annually, it recognizes up to twelve assistant professors (or recently promoted associate professors) for their demonstrated talent for teaching and three senior faculty members for their long-term contributions to teaching at the University.

Program Structure

This voluntary program matches each of the senior faculty members with no more than four assistant professors from across academic units. Structured programs address such matters as adjusting teaching modes to class size, student readiness and learning styles, subject matter, cultural diversity, course objectives, overall goals of the course, and experiential and student-centered learning. The senior faculty work one-on-one with the assistant professors to develop and review teaching techniques. Faculty members visit each other's classes and discuss the pedagogy used.

The three faculty teams meet jointly several times during the year to discuss teaching and learning philosophies. For participation in the program, the faculty are provided professional development funds to be used for any purpose that enhances their skills as a teacher-scholar.

Intended Outcomes

  • Purdue students gain improved learning environments
  • Faculty enhance their teaching through the use of a broader repertoire that matches learner needs
  • Participants develop a network of faculty committed to quality instruction
  • Participants form a strong nucleus for enhancing undergraduate teaching at Purdue
  • Academic departments receive increased input on their teaching programs