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Use of Assessment Evidence

Testimonials and Case Studies

"Impact of an Innovative Learning Methodology on Acquisition and Retention of Critical Knowledge"

A web-based series of veterinary anatomy modules contained a descriptive narrative component and self-guided quizzes. Rather than just presenting questions in a text format, the quizzes utilized a graphics interface that allows students to interact with anatomical images on the computer monitor.  For more information, click HERE.

"Effects of Shifting a Two-Semester General Chemistry Sequence to a One-Semester Biology-Related Sequence on Subsequent Organic Chemistry Performance"

We are participants in an HHMI-sponsored Experiment Grant, and our role is to design and assess outcome-based curricula in chemistry for pre-health professional education. 

The reason for considering this change originally was to allow prepharmacy students to complete their prepharmacy preparation in two years, which would not have been possible with the new pharmacy curriculum and a two-semester general chemistry requirement. Click HERE for more information.

"Assessing Student Learning and Preparedness for a Global Health Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience"

Students will take the Pharmacy Practice in Kenya Assessment Tool at the start and completion of CLPH 457. In addition, they will complete the Tool upon return from the CLPH 889 experience. Focus groups will be conducted at the end of the CLPH 889 experience to assess the relevance of the material taught in CLPH 457 to student experiences during CLPH 889. Learn more HERE.

"Improved Identification of and Intervention with Students Exhibiting Deficiencies in Professional Dispositions Required for Secondary Teaching"

This project seeks to support student learning of the professional dispositions required of secondary English classroom teachers, as defined by the College of Education's Dispositions for Candidates and the NCTE/NCATE Standards for the Initial Preparation of Teachers of Secondary Language Arts. These desired professional dispositions include readiness to interact knowledgeably with students, parents and colleagues; the ability to engage in professional leadership and collaboration; and a willingness to engage in ongoing professional development as an educator. Click HERE for more information.

"Employment of Peer Assessment to Enrich Student Understanding of Course Content"

The purpose of this project was to determine the effectiveness of in-class activities and peer assessment on: 1) aiding student mastery of learning outcomes, 2) enriching student understanding of presented topics, and 3) enabling students to develop critical assessment skills. For more information, click HERE.

"The Effect of Service Learning on Undergraduate Nursing Student Leadership Behaviors"

The purpose of this project was to determine students' gains in leadership skills via intensive service learning group projects. Results of pre- and post-testing using the Student Leadership Practices Inventory showed increases in leadership behaviors and support the effectiveness of this teaching strategy. Click HERE for full report.

"Addition of Open Source STEM-appropriate Assessment Tools to Purdue's Course Management System"

LON-CAPA is a complete free open-source distributed learning content management and assessment system for STEM disciplines. By integrating this system with Blackboard, we have been able to increase the amount of practice students have with course content leading to significant improvement in student learning and performance. Click HERE  and HERE for more information.

"Pharmacy Skills and Patient Counseling"

Assessment tools were developed to measure students skills in prescription processing, dispensing and patient counseling in a new course combining didactic and experiential training. Evaluation of the assessment results indicated that students entered the course at varying skill levels, but finished with higher and more even achievement of the learning outcomes. Click HERE for more information.

"Improving Students' Retention of Information"

A more than two-fold increase in Biochemistry test scores was seen for students using the Epstein Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique compared to students using a standard multiple choice test. Click HERE for more information.

"Effective and Sustainable Assessment for IE"

A new process was set in motion for the assessment of course outcomes within the School of Industrial Engineering. A text mining and categorization program was trained and used to extract meaningful assessment data from open text portions of surveys. For the full report, click HERE.

"Communication Assessment Project Across Two Basic Courses"

The assessment project evaluated students' ability to create clear and precise messages and to demonstrate competence in information literacy. Students also provided affective data on their perceived level of anxiety related to oral communication. Click HERE for more information.

"Beginning and Intermediate German Vocabulary Assessment"

We wanted to assess the extent to which students actively use German vocabulary learned during a course in their writing and in their speech. The project included the collection of written and spoken language samples from students at the beginning and end of each course in the four-semester sequence. For more information, click HERE.