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Become a Partner

The activities of the Purdue Center for Professional Selling are supported by organizations from various industries. The Center provides companies with a meaningful connection to our students and graduates interested in a career in professional selling, a strong benefit for both.

We maintain an online database of student resumes available to our sponsoring companies, provide support in recruiting activities, and create regular opportunities for companies to establish relationships with students and promote positions within their organizations.

Partnership Levels

Partnership Levels

Presence on ProSelling Website & Social Media

Your logo will be displayed on the Center's website, and will be linked to your company's Sales Careers page. All events and activities planned through the Center will be featured on our site in a style that communicates effectively with students. The Center is active on social media and will promote your events and activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Company Displays & Promotions on Campus

The Center secures prime space on campus to promote all of our Partner events and activities. Your events and activities are promoted to students using seven channels of communication, including Email blasts directly to students, large vinyl aerial banners displayed in high traffic areas of campus, professional flyers and posters displayed on campus, hand bills passed directly to students, professional displays in Matthews Hall (home of Purdue's major in Selling and Sales Management), in-class presentations and announcements, and colorful chalking in high traffic areas of campus.

Company Sales Internship for Course Credit

All sales students must complete an internship for course credit, as a graduation requirement. Partner companies have an advantage in identifying top student sales talent for Internships, conducted both during the summer as well as throughout the academic year.

Custom, Branded, Value-Added Workshop

Students value Partners that provide workshops to help them develop Professionalism. The Center works with Partners to identify unique topics of high interest to students, such as "Business Travel Tips", "Professional Attire", "Make-up and Grooming", "Wine Etiquette", and many more.

Custom Branded Sales Competition Bundle

Each of the Center's sales competitions is a bundle of 4 events aimed at helping students and our Partners make informed decisions about their "fit".

  • The Info Session and Scenario Workshop brings Partner recruiters and sales people to campus to meet with students, to discuss opportunities with the company and also drill down into the custom-designed competition Scenario. (The custom scenario is drawn from actual sales environments and experiences of each Partner.)
  • The one-day Sales Competition is an efficient and productive process in which 30-45 students demonstrate their selling skill sets and receive Partner feedback and coaching.
  • The Awards Banquet is a social opportunity to further engage and evaluate. Here, in a more relaxed atmosphere, students and Partners share more of their personality, their humor, their interest and pursuits. Partners are encouraged to provide a high level sales guest speaker to bring a message of inspiration and enthusiasm for professional selling.
  • Next day interviews are a natural follow-on and recruiters say that the previous three interactions with students puts them 3 or 4 times ahead of their goal for recruiting. Students are much further along in their understanding of the needs of the company, and the interview becomes much more of a productive conversation with richer Q&A.

This practical experience provides numerous benefits to Partners as they evaluate selling skill sets, assess the coachability of students, and get a sense of the professionalism of each student to gauge "fit" with the partner's culture. Students gain practical experience with the Partner's industry and specific products/services, receive highly valuable feedback to improve their skill sets, and coaching tips to help them improve. Students can also observe the professionalism and collegiality of the Partner representatives, and get a much better sense of the professional culture of the firm.

The banquet itself is carefully planned to expose students to foods and settings that they might not be familiar with. The purpose of providing Bananas Foster, for example, for dessert is so that when the students are entertaining their own clients in a year or two, they will have some experiences to draw from - to bring a special touch for their own clients.

Judge Sales Classroom Roleplay

Partners are invited to assist with in-class role plays with younger students that have recently come into the sales major. Helping students with role plays leaves a memorable impression, which can yield benefits to Partners with internship programs.

Electronic Student Resume Database

All Partners receive a zip file of the Center's student database, for the two semesters of the academic year. Additionally, specific demographic information can be provided at Partner request.

Exclusive Interations Organized with Student Sales Leaders

Small group interactions between Partner representatives and sales student leaders can help launch a positive word of mouth for the Partner. Strategically positioning this type of smaller scale event is especially useful for newer Partners, who may not be well-known in the sales area of campus. Creating positive buzz through influential sales student leaders can help to ensure larger numbers of high quality students for other events, such as Sales Competitions.

Co-teach "Inside the Sales Classroom"

The Center coordinates corporate guest speakers to interact with students inside the Sales classroom. Sales instructors present the theory and concept in class, and appreciate the real life illustrations and examples that experienced sales representatives, managers, and executives bring in to complement the lecture. co-teaching between the sales instructor and sales professional makes the material come alive for students!

Company Branded Professional Selling Speaker Series

Sponsoring a Professional Speaker series can bring high value to students and the Partner.

For more information on becoming a partner, contact us at professionalselling@purdue.edu
or call Dr. Anita Dale, Associate Director, Purdue Center for Professional Selling, at (765) 494-7860.