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Farewell from Jane


You know those little stick things that coffee shops put in your to-go cup – to keep the coffee from spilling out of the lid?  Well, one of those came with a message that I can’t get out of my mind, because it is so relevant to my role with the Purdue Center for Professional Selling.  It’s, “A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle”.


Throughout my time with the Center, I have made it my goal to light other lights – to shine the light on the great students here, who strive to improve their selling skill sets, their career opportunities, and their lives.  To shine the light on corporate partners who give significant resources of time, money, and bits of themselves as they coach young students toward success.  To keep lighting more lights so that everyone involved with the Center grows and becomes better than when they came in.


Dale, Anita

Now it’s time for me to pass that candle on to Dr. Anita Dale and Jamie Ingersoll.  Anita’s background is tailor-made for the Associate Director position.  She brings an impressive sales career that will resonate with our students and our partners, from her start in field sales to her leadership in senior sales, marketing, and strategic management positions.  And then, there are her academic accomplishments – two Masters degrees AND a PhD!  She has reinvented her courses to ones that students refuse to miss; she has shown interest in the Center all of last year, even taking a team to a regional sales competition.  Very importantly, students relate very well with Anita.  I think she is the perfect choice and everyone will truly enjoy working with her.





We met Jamie Ingersoll during the interview process for my position, and she was so outstanding that we simply HAD to create a position for her.  Jamie impressed us with her track record of corporate relationship-building, her success in helping organizations grow, and her abilities in student programming.  Jamie will complete her Masters degree this fall while working with the Center.  I’m certain you will welcome her enthusiasm and the new ideas she will bring to the Center.



It’s been fun to tell my friends that it takes TWO people to replace me!  But, what a statement this makes from our Department about the value the Center offers and the benefits it affords our students and corporate partners.  Today, the Center is poised to rise to greater heights! The Center will continue with what has made it successful, but can also now consider new growth directions.  Perhaps it will be a research track, or a track into professional sales training for companies.  With our mastery in delivering high-quality sales competitions, maybe the next step is to host a national sales competition, where we can engage students and companies across the U.S. 


Whatever those decisions are will now be up to others.  I’ve made my mark.  Serving Purdue University and the Purdue Center for Professional Selling has been the apex of my career.What a privilege and an honor.   


Thank you and Pass on your Light!






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Purdue Center for Professional Selling

With a passionate focus on promoting selling and sales management as a professional career, the Purdue Center for Professional Selling develops and showcases students who seek a professional career in sales. Complementing the College of Health and Human Sciences' Selling and Sales Management degree program, the Center partners with companies whose support helps students become even more career-ready through practical experiences in sales competitions, resume critiques and mock interviews, elevator pitches, speed selling contests, business networking events and much more.

Through the mentorship of the Center, students graduate with practical, enriching experiences in sales leadership that enable them to contribute faster and more meaningfully as they start their careers - an invaluable benefit for them and the organizations they work for.

Through these and other programs offered by the Center, our graduates are well rounded, with a combination of business and life skills that are in high demand by employers. This added benefit is what continues to attract some of the best students in the nation.