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Mailingpiece Design

There are some design elements to consider when setting up a mailing piece for automated mailing through the USPS. The locations of your return address, the address block and postage areas are important. Address blocks should be kept clean and free of any non-address information, varnishes or coatings. However, occasionally you may want to print a teaser head to let people know what is enclosed in the envelope. If the information falls inside the address block, make sure it stays above the last two lines of the address.

When designing a folded mailing piece going off-campus, make sure that the mailing panel is designed with the return address in the upper left corner opposite of the fold. For automation purposes the fold edge must be at the bottom.

Consider using postage stamps to give your pieces more appeal. We can even customize a stamp for your mailing. If you are not using stamps, then a permit will need to be printed on your piece. You can add the permit to your file if your pieces are all mailing the same way. If you want extra pieces without permits or are mailing some pieces first class and some standard (bulk) then it would be best to have the permit added during the mailing process.

Mailpiece Clear Zones and Free Space
(sample is not drawn to scale)

mailing piece sample

We encourage you to let us review your sample or mockup before printing.

We have provided some basic specifications below. For the most current detailed postal specifications, go to

Printing pieces designed for automation mailing must meet the following requirements:


Letter size
           No less than 3.5 inches high
           No less than 5 inches long
           No less than .007 inch thick.
           No more than 6.125 inches high
           No more than 11.5 inches long
           No more than .25 inch thick.

Postcard size
           No less than 3.5 inches high
           No less than 5 inches long
           No less than .007 inch thick.
           No more than 4.25 inches high
           No more than 6 inches long
           No more than .016 inch thick.

  • Shape must be rectangular
  • Be made of good quality white or light-colored paper
  • Contain no sharp or bulky items
  • Be sealed securely
  • Be readable by automation equipment.

The length is the dimension parallel to the delivery address.

Non-automated pieces (Flats)

If height is greater than 6.125 inches, length is greater than 11.5 inches or thickness is greater than .25 inch then the piece cannot be automated and there will be additional postage required for mailing.