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Variable Data

There are different levels of variable data printing. It can be as simple as printing a name and address on a letter to printing a complex marketing piece with variable text and graphics designed to capture the attention of your recipient.
We have been on the leading edge of variable data printing for several years. Our variable data staff is very knowledgeable and will be able to answer any of your questions. Listed below are the main elements we need in order to set up your variable information.

  • Hard copy of the project to be printed with the areas highlighted that will contain variable information or graphics. Provide the name of each field that we will pull variable information from.

  • Data file set up in excel or access, saved as .xls; .csv; .txt

  • The data files should contain headers.

  • For letters or dated material, indicate the date you want used. We will update your letters to reflect the date the project will go into the mail.

  • Indicate the salutation required. If you are wanting, formal salutation or informal salutations used make sure the data file contains the proper information such as “Mr., Mrs., Ms.; Miss.” for formal salutation or first name for informal salutation.

  • If using variable graphics, make sure the data file is set up with a field indicating the graphic to be used and, if providing the graphic, name the graphic and the data entry the same name.


Name Field of Study  Graphic
John Smith Aeronautics Rocket
Jill Johnson   Child and Family Services  Baby