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February 7, 2014 12:24 PM


Business Reply Mail

If your mailing includes a response card or letter to be returned to the university, consider Business Reply Cards or Envelopes to cover the return postage costs for your respondents. You will be charged a first-class rate plus a surcharge for each piece returned, but you pay only for the pieces that are returned. If you are expecting a very high response rate – say 90% or more – it will probably cost less to pre-apply first-class stamps.

Business Reply Mail cards and envelopes must meet exacting requirements and failure to meet them can be expensive. Work with the designers at Printing Services or allow our Mail Center to verify your BRM design in advance, please.

business reply sample

Please note:

A special zip+4 extension is required with Business Reply mail. There are different extensions assigned by the users for letters, postcards and flats mailed under Permit 13. The bottom two address lines are required to read as follows:

700 Ahlers Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907 –_ _ _ _

We can also prepare reply mail pieces for other permits.