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February 7, 2014 12:24 PM


Addressing Information

USPS Mailings
When you provide mailing address files to us, we can check the list for addresses that don’t exist, ones that have inadequate information, or those that may fail current US postal requirements. We can add Intelligent Mail ® postal barcodes and sort your list for the most advantageous postal discounts. We receive and process lists that your department may request from Advancement, Admissions, Human Resources, Registrar, or your own office. We can merge lists that you supply and, upon request, will search for duplicates.

Not all duplication can be eliminated. Differing file formats or inconsistent content may keep some duplicates from being caught as a match. ‘Tom & Sherry Andrews’ from one file may not trigger the elimination of ‘Thomas Andrews’ from another, for example.

Campus Mail
Printing Services has access to a campus lists for all faculty, administrative/professional, clerical service staff and graduate students.The generic Purdue Lists 39, 39C, and 39D plus lists for regional campuses and building deputies are also available. Other lists or sorts may be available with our Mail Center manager’s approval, but may require your department to initiate a request with the university office controlling certain information. 

See the accompanying chart for specifics on campus lists available for use through Printing Services Mail Center. We cannot provide mail lists to others.



by Name
List 39 deans, associate deans, departmental heads, vice presidents, executive offices     check mark 264
List 39C managers and coordinators     check mark 160
List 39D directors     check mark 248
Regionals   check mark     33
Building Deputies     check mark   180
West Lafayette Campus can select from:
faculty, admin/professional,
clerical, service, grad
  check mark  

AP: 3,969
Clerical: 1,070
Faculty: 1,803
Grads: 4,644
Service: 1,866

Regional Campuses can select from:
faculty, admin/professional,
clerical, service, grad
  check mark   AP: 688
Clerical: 292
Faculty: 599
Grads: 262
Service: 286
Special Request can select from:
department(s), org. code(s), building(s)
  check mark    


Campus mail pieces are sorted before we roll them over to Materials Management Distribution, the university service department responsible for delivering the mail to your building and office.

Submitting your mail files
Check your files for accuracy first. Make sure that you are working with the most up-to-date list and that it contains the information that you want used throughout your mailing.

The most common and acceptable file types are DBF, ASCII, text, MSExcel, and comma delimited. Other file types may work, but please ask our Mail Center to review before your final submission date.

You may send us your data files to, place them in our Printing Services Dropbox or use ITaP's File Locker (See File Transfer for instructions). Refer to the Printing Services Form 3 job number. Contact our mailing department if you do not know what your job number is. Tell us when, from where, and how many files we should expect, using a Mailing Information Form if possible. Copies of these forms are available online on our web site, from your department’s business office, or from your Printing Services customer representative.