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West Lafayette, IN

Phone: (765) 494-2006
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Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00

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copy center

We can scan and print from your hard copy originals. If the document may print again, you may request a pdf be made from the scan to keep on file at Printing Services or to keep for your own records. For future orders, send a previous sample and indicate the job is on file at Printing Services so the stored file is used for printing.

Helpful tips

  • Page numbers can be added to your pages after they are scanned.
  • If you would like to have blank pages added, indicate where you would like them to go.
    • For multiple page documents with sections, you may want each section to start on a right hand page. Indicate this on your order and we will add blank pages where necessary to make sure the pages print correctly.
    • Saddle stitch books must contain pages divisible by four (8, 12, 16, 20, etc.). We will add blank pages if they are not divisible by four.
  • If there are no page numbers printing on your document, indicate the order of the pages by numbering them by hand on the back of the hard copy you provide.
  • Tabs can be added to separate sections. Printing Services stocks 5-position white tabs that can have the section titles printed on it. Custom tabs of any position or color can also be made but does require a minimum turnaround of 3-5 working days.
  • A matching stock or a nice black stock can be added as back covers on coil bound or plastic bound documents. A clear plastic sheet can be added to the front and/or back for better protection of the cover. This is great for documents that will be handled multiple times or need to look professional.
  • Perforations can be added to a page for easy tear out. Most perforations can be done in a day. Special perforating requirements may take a little longer.

  • Lamination of 10 mil (heavy) or 3 mil (light) can help protect documents from heavy handling or outdoor use.