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What Is a Policy?

This website provides a library of system-wide policies, which can be defined as official, defined University principles or directives that:

  • Mandate requirements of or provisions for members of the Purdue University community.
  • Implement or assure compliance with a law, regulation or Board of Trustees Code; advance a key aspect of the Purdue University mission or its relationship with its Stakeholders; mitigate institutional risk; and/or promote operational efficiency.
  • Have broad application throughout the Purdue University system.
  • Are sponsored by at least one Responsible Executive.
  • Are written in accordace with the policy template.
  • Have been reviewed by legal counsel as determined by University Counsel (or his or her designee).
  • Have been reviewed and approved by the EPRG, and in some cases, approved by the President.

Policies and executive memoranda found on this website that predate the issuance of the policy on Formulation and Issuance of Policies (V.C.1) remain official system-wide policies and, in time, are expected to complete the steps outlined in the policy's operating procedures.

What Is a Standard?

Also contained on this website are system-wide standards, which are mandates that further articulate the provisions or requirements of one or more system-wide policies as they pertain to a specific topic or particular demographic of the University. A system-wide standard must be sponsored by at least one Responsible Executive with system-wide authority and be referenced in the applicable policy(ies). They are written in accordance with the standard template, reviewed by legal counsel as necessary and approved by the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance.